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TREY: Something to uh, to tell you here before... before we get rolling... Well, everything should be getting into place right now. Right about now I think right about now Terry, our truck driver, is probably hooking the, hooking the latch onto the back of the building here. We’ll give him a second, here. Yeah, I think he’s probably doing it right now.

Terry’s pulling the truck up behind the side of the building cause we’re going to go on a little ride, here, if you guys don’t mind. We took the liberty of, before we started the show tonight jacking it up and putting some sort of sled, sled tracks underneath the vinyl right here. If you guys don’t mind, we’re going to go for a little cruise. Ready in back? Terry’s got it ready, there?

Okay, here we go now, he’s going to put the truck into gear [Trey vocally simulates the sound of the truck, with musical accompaniment]. We’re going to come out of the foundations, here, that’s the hardest part. [More effects] Here we go now, sliding along, and he’s going to turn it down the highway and start heading east. So we’re heading, Excuse me! He’s heading west, he’s heading west… It’s headed west.

So anyway, it’s dragging the building along with us now, and we’re behind the truck and he’s going to shift it into higher gear, and start getting some speed, here. So here we go, we’re riding down the highway, taking the turns.

MIKE: [pretending to be Terry] We’re going down the highway here, Terry’s got it in gear.

TREY: Listening to that MC 900 Ft. Jesus tape that he always listens to when he drives late at night.

MIKE: [pretending to be Terry] Listening to the Killer Inside Me. I can’t see the road because of the rain on the windshield there...

TREY:Oh, we’re getting out of here now, we’re starting to see the Rocky Mountains coming into view here, reaching our destination. Terry shifts, downshifts. Pressing up on to the, taking up the mountain road now, and tilting backwards. Watch out, woah. We’re going up the mountains now. He’s gonna put it gear now, pulling it up the mountains. Clouds going everywhere, then up to the top of the mountain and then, there it is…

There’s the destination right there, it’s the mountain . It’s the biggest ski jump, ever, in the history of the word. Ladies and gentlemen, we are about to be the first building to ever… jump off a ski jump [Page begins tease of “Jump” by Van Halen] So, Terry backs it up, and we get the loaders out there. We load the building up on the top of the jump [makes a crashing sound].. Okay, now, we’re hanging on to the edge there, and we look down. This is one hell of a jump …. Phew!

We’re pretty high up there now. We’re really up there, the sun is plummeting off into space. We left the whole planet behind us. There’s those guys in the space shuttle there doing there whole mission there. Some garbage, some garbage floating by…We’re really up there.

Might as well get out of the building so we’re just gonna line up now and start walking out toward the door there. We don’t know what we’re gonna do, floating in this building up in space. We all start walking out the door, one by one…[Several times Mike exclaims OOO! While Fish taps the woodblock, perhaps signifying people “falling” into space]

Now, we’re all just floating out in space. The building is drifting off in the distance. We start to see this greenish-bluish plan, not an airplane but an actual geometric plane floating [inaudible], floating toward us. As we get over it, it spreads out. Now it’s filling up our entire field of view and we’re dropping down towards it. We realize that… WE’RE IN GAMEHENDGE!

We’re floating down into Gamehendge. Something tells me some of you have not been to Gamehendge before. Others of you have obviously been to Gamehendge before and you recognize as you look down, green fields going off in the distance as far as the eye can see, just this green field. Off at the edge of this green field is this rhombus that looks tiny. It’s just a black rhombus floating in this green field. But, if we walked up to it, it’s actually an enormous rhombus, but we’re still so high in the air and coming down, it looks like a tiny rhombus.

Over in that direction, you see this huge forest, it goes in the other direction as far as the eye can see. Coming out of the forest is this enormous mountain, the biggest mountain you’ve ever seen, bigger than the mountain we just ski jumped off, higher than any mountain, going off up into the clouds. [Fish plays marching beat] It’s a huge mountain…

Ok, huge mountain [inaudible, Trey laughs goofily]. It’s a huge mountain, and the song I was singing just before this was singing about this little guy, he’s climbing up the mountain right now. This little guy is climbing up the mountain, it’s Colonel Forbin. He’s climbing up the mountain. He’s gonna try to get up to the top of the mountain to find the spirit of the great and knowledgeable Icculus… Icculus

So as he’s climbing up the mountain, it’s because there’s all these people living in Gamehendge, these innocent Lizard People who live in Gamehendge, have been overtaken by an evil tyrant, Wilson. Wilson has stolen the Helping Friendly Book that they use to govern their life and hidden it in this castle. So, Colonel Forbin right now, i’m sure you’re following all of this, Colonel Forbin is climbing up the mountain to get the Great and Knowledgeable Icculus to help him get the book back from this tyrant.

So he’s up there on the mountain and it’s crumbling down around him. It’s turning into this face in the mountain, with rock falling down, these eyeballs coming out sticking out of the mountain glaring down at him. “[ in deep voice similar to Godfather] [inaudible] Colonel Forbin, you come up to my mountain, you ask for help, but what have you ever done for me?”

Colonel Forbin looks up and says, “I just want the book.”

And Icculus says, “Okay. I’ll call on my friend, The Famous Mockingbird.” So The Famous Mockingbird comes flying out of the sky and lands on Icculus’ shoulder.

Icculus says, “So fly off to the castle of the evil King Wilson, steal the book, bring it back to Colonel Forbin. He’ll bring it to the people. Everyone is going to live in peace and harmony forever and ever… maybe.”

So here comes now, [inaudible], The Famous Mockingbird flying out of the sky. Here he is now, his little wings flapping…
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