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TREY: Ok, let me just start off here by saying how excited we are for our third time in this room. I don’t know how many people were at the first two. What we’re going to do here tonight because three is sort of a magic number in the universe and everything... What we’re going to do here is try to start this show off right by christening it sort of with the Vibration of Life. Let’s get the Vibration of Life going here… Some of you probably don’t exactly what the Vibration of Life is. Are there people out there that don’t know what the Vibration of Life is?

Let me just pause and tell you quickly about what the Vibration of Life is before we get this thing started. Everything that we see and hear in the universe is a vibration. Sound is a vibration so the sound that, i’m hitting this string up here, it’s vibrating, causing a vibration being transferred into electricity, which is vibrating the cones in those speakers, sending vibrations into the air into your ears, which is causing you great pleasure, i hope. Vibrations bring great pleasure.

Now if you start doubling those sound vibrations, you get up into the light spectrum, which is a much higher frequency vibration, so everything is a vibration. What we’re gonna do here is, there’s a theoretical glue or magic number of vibrations of seven beats per second. If Mike and i can conjure up a vibration of seven beats per second it should put you in tune with the universe and fill you with great energy. First we have to get Fish to stop up here. Fish, slow down there…

[“Vibration of Life” commences] So we’ve got the Vibration of Life going here. Chris has already added the blue light, which is going to help create a special kind of vibration. Blue is supposed to be good for your aura and everything. What you’re going to do now is, if you can picture in the back of your mind the Vibration of Life going through you, you can kind of like see a wave coming out of the speaker.

If you can visualize a wave coming out of the speaker, it sort may look like a line going past you very fast, sort of a line of sound. If you can imagine yourself just reaching out and grabbing that line and holding on to it, then what would happen as you held on to it, if there was a point somewhere off in the universe at the other end of that line and it started slowly turning until you began spinning around, holding on to that line of the Vibration of LIfe and you’re flipping around.

[“Vibration of Life” intensifies] As you’re flipping around here now, holding on to the end of the Vibration of Life, you can imagine yourself flipping around faster and faster, slowly speeding up, slowly speeding up... until it starts to speed up so fast and you’re spinning around so fast holding on to the end of the line of the Vibration of Life, you start to feel your grip going, you can’t hold on much longer. Holding on, spinning faster and faster, until suddenly you find yourself flinging off into space…

Until you drift off into space, you let go and just float silently until you hear nothing but silence. You find yourself floating up there in space somewhere, drifting off, letting go of the Vibration of LIfe. Then, as you’re floating off through space, you look down, everything is kind of black around you. Off in the distance, you see the tiniest little speck of green coming towards you. It looks like a little dust flake. As it gets closer, you look closer, it starts to turn into a dot. And then the dot gets closer, it starts to turn into a little circle. And then you see that it’s not really round after all; it’s an obscure shape.

And you get closer and closer, you start to realize that what looked small in the distance is actually huge, the biggest thing ever, until it starts to encompass your entire field of vision. You’re looking down on it, and you see this giant green landscape going beneath you. As you look down, you see the landscape has texture; the texture is actually the tops of trees and grass, fields going off in the distance.

You realize, swinging on the Vibration of Life has sent you hurtling through space until you landed in Gamehendge. [sounds swell and crowd cheers] So you look down, and you land gently, your feet sort of gently touch down. You’re standing in the middle of a field in Gamehendge. You look off in the distance, you see a big green field, with a Rhombus in it, floating off in the distance, a big mountain rising up, a forest. Out of the forest comes a big castle.

When you look over at the mountain, you see a little guy, Colonel Forbin, is climbing up the mountain. You realize you’re in Gamehendge, that you’ve come at a critical moment in the history of Gamehendge. Colonel Forbin is climbing up the mountain trying to find the spirit of the great and knowledgeable Icculus, who’s the only person that can help the people of Gamehendge bring their land back to peace and tranquility.

So he’s climbing up. As he climbs up, he calls on the Famous Mockingbird, who’s going to come flying out of the sky, land on his shoulder, then go to the castle of the evil King Wilson, steal the Helping Friendly Book and bring it back to everybody. People are gonna live happily ever after.

So here he comes now...
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