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TREY: It's not every show that you start drooling... I'm sure that some of you have drooled. I certainly hope so. Fish, have you drooled?

FISH: Are you asking if I drool?

TREY: The family drool.

FISH: The family drools. My whole family drools...

TREY: Well, it's been a fun summer. The four of us now will go back to our rooms, sit at home in the dark

FISH: [interrupting] Drooling...

TREY: But the difference between what you're gonna do between now and Dick's... Anybody goin to Dick's? Is that as we sit in our dark lonely rooms, the three of us will be reading because we know...

Give me some Ooos, I can't do this alone man. [Page and Mike begins oooooo'g] Thank you, Page. Feel free to ooooo, feel free to drool, do whatever the hell you want, I don't give a fuck. Turn to the person next to you and drool!

Well, we hope, we hope that you too on your break in between now and the next time we come back here will get a chance to do a little reading... And picking up on some of the important things in life.

You know, it's not relaly the note you play but it's the attitude you put behind it: [Trey riffs hard on one note] That's just one note. You know where I learned that? I learned it from a very special book. You know what it is. You too can all learn to drool, play a guitar note like this: [riffs again] if you only seek out the book that I'm talking about.

I am talking about a book because this book, this book will teach you all the things you need to know. It can stop you from being a sullen, melancholy, vacuum-sucking, sullen guy and become a happy guy.

Anyway, let's get to the fucking point there Trey, what the hell are you talking about anyway? You people don't care what the book's about! You just wanna know who wrote the damn thing... I know! I know... Because it's not often we get to celebrate this great man but today is one of those nights.

And you know who I'm talking about. YOU KNOW who I'm talking about. I'm talking about the One, the only, the only One, the Great, the special man, the incredible man who you know, the man called, the man called The Guy Who Wrote the Fucking Book, the one that I'm alluding to, the fucking book that I'm talking about, he was The Great and Knowledgeable... man who wrote the Helping Friendly Book. He was The Great and Knowledgeable, the incredible, the powerful, the stupendous MAN who was-- MANNNNNN--the guy who wrote the book, the fucking [unintelligible] fucking friendly fucking guy, you can't understand what the fuck I am talking about!!! You people know what I am talking about! I'M TALKING ABOUT... THE GR, THE FUC, O MY GOD, HIS NAME WAS.... ICCULUS!!!
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