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Released 1995-06-27

# Song
1 Bouncing Around the Room
2 Stash
3 Gumbo
4 Montana
5 You Enjoy Myself
6 Chalk Dust Torture
7 Slave to the Traffic Light
8 Wilson
9 Tweezer
10 Simple
11 Harry Hood
12 The Squirming Coil

For many years, and after each of several albums, fans and press asked, "When are you going to release a live one?" So... they did.

A Live One reached #19 on the Rolling Stone Reader's chart, #3 on the Rolling Stone Alternative chart, and (as of 10/3/98) #18 on Billboard's chart, having sold 492,000 copies.

The original performance dates are not listed in the liner notes. So, here they are:

Disc one:

Disc two**

    * The guitar solo in Stash was rated one of the top 100 guitar solos.

    ** The start of disc two is part of Miles Davis' "Right Off", from A Tribute to Jack Johnson, recorded 11/11/70, mimicking what Paul Languadoc plays over the PA during setbreaks.

    *** As the audience noise fades out after "Coil", listen for Trey in a high-pitched voice repeating the chorus line "I Saw You" from Golgi Apparatus.

Compiling: The Phish.Net community was invited to play a role in the formation of this release, to get something live into the hands of press folk, as Shelly Culbertson&'s 2/5/95 post (subject heading: "Re: HELP me make a tape") explained: "I just had a long phone conversation with Trey. He called for two reasons: first of all, because he just read the Rolling Stone article and was pretty upset with it. His question was - why doesn't anyone ever talk about the ? Anyway, if anyone is motivated to respond to Rolling Stone (by mail or by ), the support would be appreciated.      But, more importantly, he'd like to ask to do him a favor. He's been spending a lot of time lately listening to that I made for him of the from the shows including: 's '92-'93; New Year's '93-'94; Red Rocks, 6/11/94 (only - not 6/10); Great Woods 7/8&9/94; and everything from 10/7/94 through New Year's '94-'95. These are the of which we have multitrack recordings suitable for inclusion on a . He wanted me to let you know that he is not accustomed to listening to Phish tapes (he usually just listens to Phish live ;-) ), and, though the certainly has some specific ideas about what they'd like to put on the live album, he would be very interested in some input from folks who *do* spend time listening to Phish tapes (that's you).      So, the favor is this: if you have the time to do it, please consider constructing the Phish double live CD that you would like to hear. You can either mail it to me or post it to the net. Please bear in mind that this CD should be interesting to people who have never heard Phish before, as well as those who have been listening to them for years. Please remember to consider that versions of songs from lesser-known shows may be as good as, or better than, versions of the same songs from well-known shows such as and NYE.      The format is two 70-minute CDs ("CD1" and "CD2"). Consider the transitions between songs, and the pace & dramatic flow of the order in which the songs occur on each CD. Please remember to include only songs from the shows that I listed above.      I'm hoping that after we discuss this for a few days, some sort of rough consensus will emerge, or at least a version that a significant number of you are happy with. Watever that version is, I will make a tape of it (well, it will require two tapes) and send it to Trey. I'd like to get it done by the end of this week (Feb. 10) so that the band can listen to it along-side their own "first draft" tape, which should be completed at that time.      We're not saying that the net's compilation will become the live CD, by any means; but the band will listen to it with open ears, and if they like it, they will seriously consider the suggestions it makes." is a non-commercial project run by Phish fans and for Phish fans under the auspices of the all-volunteer, non-profit Mockingbird Foundation.

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