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Shopping Amazon? Support Mockingbird!

Posted 2010-12-18 03:55:25 by Lemuria - 6 comments - Link:

Whether you're still doing Christmas shopping, or making other purchases, anytime you shop at Amazon and start here, a percentage of your purchase is donated to the Mockingbird Foundation - up to 15%, on anything you buy!

This isn't chump change: One fan bought his HDTV via the affiliate link, and the Mockingbird Foundation received $200. Support music education for children, via the non-profit, fan-founded, fan-managed, all-volunteer Mockingbird Foundation, and start shopping here!


MiguelSanchez Reply
MiguelSanchez damn, i wish i would have seen this about 10 days ago. i got about 75% of my christmas gifts on amazon, and i may have slipped a few things for me on that order. d'oh!
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riri145 Reply
How does this work? How do I get to Amazon such that Mockingbird gets money?
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Lemuria Staff Reply
Lemuria Click the image above, or click "start here" or "start shopping here", and you'll be taken to page with that same clickable image as well as a search box and a cloud of search terms, any of which will get you to Amazon in a way that the Foundation gets a percentage.

Thanks!! :)
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riri145 Reply
Thanks. The issue was adblock.
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Forbins1978 Reply
Forbins1978 I just bought my mom a kindle...can I go back somehow and get the money for Mockingbird? I too didn't see this until it was too late...?
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Lemuria Staff Reply
Lemuria Just use the link above - click the image, or click where it says "start here".
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