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relax_ Reply
relax_ Done! Very cool integration. I use Amazon several times a month and I'm glad I can support MF in the process.
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WeatherReport Reply
WeatherReport Done, I'm also a fan of Amazon, and use the site regularly. It's a great way to get stuff when you live in a rural area.
Score: 2
joonze Reply
joonze Nice...I am linked up and just spent a few hundred on Amazon. ...
Score: 2
JoshaUffizi Reply
JoshaUffizi Was going to buy a new laptop anyways, found it for same price on Amazon, qualifies for smile donation, trigger pulled. Thanks for the tip, .net homepage. Now I can feel just a little better about how much crap I buy on Amazon.
Score: 1
Gnadixi Reply
Gnadixi As plugged in as we all can get and with Amazon being one of the most dominant online shopping hubs, I find it fantastic that they'll donate to our choice of charity organization even if it is small percentage. I'm proud to sponsor MF through many small but frequent purchases on Amazon; amped that I can contribute so effortlessly.
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