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$30K Donated in 7 weeks!

Posted 2014-01-13 18:53:04 by Lemuria - 14 comments - Link:

Since @Joonze (Kevin) began the Forum's most recent fundraising drive in mid-November (boosted by the "Icculus Challenge" in December), the Mockingbird Foundation has received over thirty thousand dollars in donations from individuals! This is a record for the Foundation, in that we have never previously received so much in individual donations within such a short amount of time.

The Board members and officers of the Foundation cannot thank each of you enough for caring about music education for children as much as we do, by donating so much and so generously these past few months, and for supporting our efforts to cycle our love of music back to others.

Every dollar really counts! If you're reading this and you didn't donate, please consider donating to the Foundation in any amount. Your donation is entirely tax deductible! We are a 501(c)(3) that is run entirely by volunteers and that has no paid staff. So, please consider joining the more than one hundred fans who have donated to the Foundation in recent months, by donating to the Foundation whose volunteers operate this site for the benefit of both you and music education!


Spaceman_E Reply
Spaceman_E Wow. This is amazing. Great work, folks!
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Jacculus Reply
Jacculus Bravo!!
Score: 2
joonze Reply
joonze WOW!

I am blown away by the community for helping out our future kids of music...

So many folks from .net said..."Sorry i could only send $5...." my reply back was that every dollar counts.... and that is no lie....

The Mockingbird Foundation collects donations all year round and several members have set up regular payroll or bank deductions...and they have also gone above by making sure they were included in the MBF drive ....
I just want you to know that evety dollar counts and adds up quick!

Score: 7
gratephul_67 Reply
gratephul_67 WE DEFINE the word COMMUNITY!!!
Score: 2
slpingmnky Reply
slpingmnky Glad to be part of this community and glad to help such a great organization
Score: 1
ucpete Staff Reply
ucpete I just did it, finally -- I donated to the Mockingbird Foundation! I feel like a cheap skate not doing it sooner, and I wish I could've given more, but it's the least I can do as a thank you to the .net staff and community for providing me endless hours of entertainment and information.

Thanks everyone!

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relax_ Reply
relax_ Wow. Beautiful. Awesome .net!
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smokeyturbo Reply
smokeyturbo I am blown away. I was hoping it would reach 10k .

Truly amazing!
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ProfJibboo Reply
ProfJibboo Who is @joonze? Never heard of him. He sounds sexy. I want his sh*t.

- sincerely, young hot girl.
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Lemuria Staff Reply
Lemuria @ucpete said:
I just did it, finally -- I donated to the Mockingbird Foundation!
It's never too late, and never too small. We get inquiries every day, and the more we're able to raise this year, the more grants we'll be able to make.
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renaissance Reply
renaissance Awesome. So glad to be a part of this wonderful charity. Music is the universal language of life, and getting kids excited about it can't be more important than ever.
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forbin1 Reply
forbin1 great work everyone..big kudos to you @joonze
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citytravel Reply

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