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SPAC Shows To Be Webcast

Posted 2013-06-28 14:14:03 by Icculus - 4 comments - Link:

Because Phish is awesome, their upcoming SPAC shows on July 5, 6 and 7 will be webcast, so that those of us unable to attend have the privilege to participate from the relative safety of a couch in our living room. To order the webcast, visit LivePhish

Also, please remember that a portion of LivePhish revenues supports The Mockingbird Foundation, whose volunteers manage this site. In other words, when you support LivePhish, you support music education for children (, and Phish education for you ( See you in Bangor in less than a week!



chillwig Reply
chillwig ::start wailing and gnashing of teeth::
Score: 1
j_led Reply
meh. Give me MKdevo cam. That I could get excited about.
Score: 2
Kleebes Reply
I'm looking forward to this, hopefully there will be a VOD stream for us non-EST time zone folks...
Score: 0
Shaggy_McWitherspoon Reply
Shaggy_McWitherspoon Heads up to any Toledo pholks that want to party in town. My setup may not be the best on the planet but at least it doesn't distort at proper volumes.

Score: 0

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