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HOAHB to close April 13th

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"Hands on a Hardbody will close on Broadway April 13, its producers announced on April 8. 

Previews for the populist show — inspired by the recently re-released 1997 film documentary of the same name  — began Feb. 23 at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre. It opened March 21. The musical was commissioned by La Jolla Playhouse, which produced its pre-Broadway premiere in 2012. Reviews were mixed-to-positive, but box office for the ensemble show was anemic in previews, hovering around $200,000 a week, with an average ticket price of about $32. 
By closing, it will have played 28 previews and 28 regular performances.
Critics found the show appealingly small-scaled, human and likable, if modest to a fault.
"Although it's far from fully loaded in a conventional sense," said the New York Times (3/21/13), "this scrappy, sincere new musical brings a fresh, handmade feeling to Broadway, which mostly traffics in the machine tooled. Burrowing into the troubled hearts of its characters, it draws a clear-eyed portrait of an America that's a far cry from the fantasyland of most commercial musicals. Hands on a Hardbody simply sings forth a story of endurance, hardship and the dimming American dream, which increasingly seems to hover on the distant horizon like some last-ditch motel whose neon lights are blinking out one by one."
The Brooks Atkinson is at 256 W. 47th Street. Tickets range from $55-$155, and are available at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre box office and at or at (877) 250-2929.

For those American dreamers who might not be able to pay top price for the show, Hands On a Hardbody has a discount "rush ticket" policy: A limited number of $32 rush tickets (price includes $2 facility fee) are available for every performance. These rush tickets, which are available to all patrons, are cash only and can be purchased at the box office only, beginning at 10 AM the day of the performance. There is a limit of two tickets per person.

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Dianna_2Ns Reply
Dianna_2Ns Wow.. what a bummer. Luckily, I got to see it before it closed. It was a great show! Pretty disappointing that Trey spent so much time on this, just to have it run for a month before closing ;)
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fluff_hen Reply
fluff_hen I'm so disappointed, was really looking forward to seeing it on my next trip to NYC. I hope the musical will win some Tonys and be revived for a tour. Reviews were positive, esp. for the music, but Broadway audiences are not very adventurous.
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achick Reply
I wish I could have made it up there. ;)
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TwiceBitten Reply
TwiceBitten Hopefully this won't bruise Trey's ego.
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Josh006 Reply
Josh006 Not to be a negative nancy over here, and please don't vote me down just for voicing my honest opinion, but I am not the least bit surprised this show is on its way out. While I loved a few of the tunes (i.e. "My Problem Right There" was the shit and "Burn that Bridge" was awesome and clever), and I LOVED seeing my boy Trey pontificate about making that show with a HUGE grin on his face, the play had very little to work with. The stage set was lame and reminiscent of a high school musical (there was a truck, and a wooden wall frame to represent a stage- that's it) and there was little-to-no choreography in the whole thing (given the last play I saw before that was Spiderman, where people were flying throughout the audience. Brooks-Atkinson theatre was RIDICULOUS and I will never see another show there regardless- 30 minutes deep into the show and ushers were still seating people and actually made AN ENTIRE ROW get up and move during one of the songs. Hippies showing up after winning free tickets somehow and walking into the theatre wearing ripped clothes and stinking like they haven't showered in two weeks really need to be barred from Broadway too.

I dunno, I had a good time and enjoyed the show and all, but that was definitely not a Broadway scene.

On a brighter note, SUMMER TOUR!!!!! I'm so so so excited to get back to the good times!
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Ambient Reply
Want to write something sarcastic like what do u expect from solo trey. However, got to give him credit for making it to broadway. When the play was in San Diego he was at almost every performance working on it.
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