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Phish Announces 25-Show Summer Tour

Posted 2013-03-13 00:31:45 by MarcoEsc - 12 comments - Link:

Phish has announced their Summer 2013 tour. Starting on July 3rd in Bangor, Maine, the 25-show tour will cross the country before wrapping up with a three-night run at Dick's Sporting Goods Park in Commerce City, Colorado. The Phish Tickets ticket request period has begun, and ends on Sunday, March 24th at 11:59pm EDT. For more information, visit To request tickets, visit


BillZauggsCabin Reply
BillZauggsCabin Good luck in the lottery everyone, I have a feeling we're all going to have a lot of fun this summer!
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Phart_Door Reply
Phart_Door Best tour announcement video ever.
Score: 4
HenryHolland Reply
HenryHolland Agree with docgonzo, that's a great video for a huge fan of Apocalypse Now like me. "Burlington. Shit."

Glad to see them return to the Hollywood Bowl, I just hope the setlist is a little more adventurous this time. Also plan to go to Denver for the three nights at Dicks, I had a great time there 2 years ago.

I'm also hoping against hope that there's some new songs for them to play.
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ElCaballo Reply
Ok. This tour starts in July! And they’ve been doing 2 leg tours, so would it be a logical thing to say that a Fall tour is possible? And as a Georgia boy I HAVE to believe there will be a second leg that come back. They cross the Mason-Dixon Line ONCE. Fall tour 2013!! It’s their 30th year anniversary!!!
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noisyjon Reply
How many times have we done that....woken up, looked out the window,
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Phart_Door Reply
Phart_Door Yeah, huge fan of Apocalypse Now here, too. How awesome would it be if they covered The End?

I think the Bowl will be a blowout, since it's basically the last show of the tour before Dick's. I'm also predicting BGA will be a great run.
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makisupaman Reply
makisupaman twenty-five days off between LA and Dick's makes me wonder...
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phunky58 Reply
dont really like the huge layoff befor dicks, but what do i know
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angry_pirate Reply
angry_pirate could that be a fall tour i smell?
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jdawg Reply
I can't place what jam the music they play in this video is from. Maybe it's the Ball Square Jam?
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Ravinus Reply
Don't sleep on Merriweather.
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skippy11 Reply
skippy11 Damn Fishman needs a small role in a movie that was awesome haha
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