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AJ Prints for Mockingbird

Posted 2013-03-06 04:20:00 by MarcoEsc - 8 comments - Link:

All of us at The Mockingbird Foundation eagerly await the upcoming release of The Phish Companion, 3rd Edition, our comprehensive reference guide to all things Phish. 

As excitement builds towards publication, we have commissioned popular printmaker AJ Masthay to create a limited edition art print celebrating the book's release. Limited to an edition of 150 copies on navy blue paper, this gorgeous six-color linoleum block print features the Famous Mockingbird clutching the just-liberated book of knowledge, while evil King Wilson's troops rally on the horizon. Here's a little teaser from the concept sketch:


While we won't have a final picture until the print is finished, those who are familiar with AJ's work know this is going to be spectacular! Follow the printing process on Masthay Studios' Facebook page.

The print will cost $40 (limit of two per person) and will go on sale exclusively at the store on Friday, March 8 at 12:00 noon PT. 


MarcoEsc Staff Reply
MarcoEsc This print is going to be so bad-ass, that the Foundation may have to take out malpractice insurance to cover faces melting. Thank you AJ...I can't wait to put this one on the wall!
Score: 2
forbin1 Reply
forbin1 The pic above is killer..can't wait to see the rest..
Score: 0
buffalotom Reply
buffalotom This looks really great so far. I can't wait to see the rest. I will definitely pick one up. Awesome job AJ.
Score: 0
dropherguard Reply
dropherguard This may be the first time I ever buy a print. Excited, can't wait to see it.
Score: 1
HARRYHOOD213 Why not 1 per person?
Score: 0
Roofless_Sheds Reply
Roofless_Sheds So... Will the book only include detailed setlist info for 2003-2009?

I remember voting on this a while back right here on this site, and I never heard about the results.
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curleyfrei Reply
curleyfrei Prints already sold out?! ;)
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curleyfrei Reply
curleyfrei Prints already sold out?! ;)

EDIT: Derp. Just saw the message about the postponement.
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