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.net NYE meetup at Hudson Yards Cafe, Sun 12/30!

Posted 2012-12-21 10:05:00 by jackl - 1 comment - Link:

In what's becoming a holiday tradition, will be hosting its third annual New Years Run meetup at the Hudson Yards Cafe on the corner of 35th St. and 10th Ave. on Sunday, December 30th from 3:00 - 7:00 p.m.  Hudson Yards Cafe is only about a five minute walk from MSG but is outside of the crowded midtown area, so, as usual, we'll have the whole place to ourselves.

We've fine-tuned this event with the help of this classic bistro's owner, Jimmy Reardon (he likes us, he really likes us), and will have a bigger and better selection of craft beers and waitstaff on hand.  

Stop by the sign-in table on your way in where we'll have nametags for your @screenname so you can match a name to a face, as well as souvenir laminates and .net stickers.  Bring your iPod with your favorite Phish music which we can play on the house PA.  Forum Admin @JohnnyD will be your host.

More information on the .net forum thread here.





PossumRay Reply
PossumRay I was there last year. It was big fun & yummy food!
Jimmy Reardon is the best!
Score: 2

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