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News of New Trey Song "Scabbard," via Amazon

Posted 2012-08-07 16:12:06 by jwelsh8 - 5 comments - Link:

Without fanfare or warning, an upcoming release from Trey was leaked to fans via Amazon yesterday. Without confirmation from or, it appears the track will be released on August 21st. A snippet of the six-minute song "Scabbard" is available for perusal. Complete with xylophone, the composition may bring to mind Frank Zappa.

One would assume more information will be made available closer to the release date.


Hydronaut Reply
Hydronaut Definitely influenced by Frank Zappa. It sounds really great, love the odd time signature and unique rhythms. Releasing one song a few days into the Second Leg of their tour and clandestinely teasing it a week before?... perhaps Phish has practiced and prepared Scabbard (except the xylophone would be an issue - page could cover...). But, it is definitely a musical growth for Trey composition-wise, and if this can somehow be rotated into Phish, their music proves its ability to grow and continue to absorb more influences with care and precision than anyone out there (and its an early Christmas present from you know who for any music lover).
Score: 5
OrangeSox Reply
OrangeSox This is an exciting song snippet... Thank you amazon for the preview and for the heads up!
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Fluffyfluffyhead Reply
Fluffyfluffyhead They're so light 'n fluffy-brown
They're the finest in the town!
Score: 2
niceTshirt Reply
niceTshirt Looks like Amazon yanked the sample.

|: (
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