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Live Bait Volume 7 Available For Free Download from LivePhish

Posted 2012-05-24 17:58:13 by Icculus - 5 comments - Link:

Thanks to Phish and band archivist Kevin Shapiro, LIVE BAIT VOLUME 7 is available for free (MP3) download from LivePhish.

This is a collection of versions of Phish songs performed previously at venues or in towns where Phish is playing on "Leg 1" of their Summer Tour, and you want this! It contains an excellent version of "You Enjoy Myself" from 7/31/92 (Blossom) that previously did not circulate, as well as legendary (SBD) versions of "Tweezer" (12/28/95 Worcester),  "Runaway Jim" (8/11/98 Star Lake) and "Gumbo" (8/3/98 Deer Creek), not to mention wonderful versions of "Reba" (8/10/96 Alpine Valley), "Split Open and Melt" (12/4/99 Cincinnati), and "Stash" (10/31/10 Atlantic City). This release also contains "All Things Reconsidered" and "Bowie" from 7/27/92 SPAC.

Those of us at PhishNet and The Mockingbird Foundation cannot thank Kevin and Phish enough for Live Bait Vol. 07. Thank you!!


turquOiseMountain Reply
turquOiseMountain Thanks to Shapiro and the band. . .

You've included some stuff from my very first Phish show: 8/10/96.

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Dressed_In_Gray Reply
Dressed_In_Gray Little slow, I had this over a day ago.

Usually you are telling me what is what....
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MDosque Reply
MDosque I just want to chime to say that I really enjoyed the Stash - I felt like Trey heard Mike well and responded in kind with a weird major jam within the usually dirty minor riffs of Stash. The SOAM is some of the best 99 stuff out there with the loop and all - not overdone, but actually focused, powerful and trippy throughout. Gumbo was great, but there are several other versions out there that kick its ass. I am working through the rest and trying to get to a night at Bader. Thanks for the nice release.

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Peacey Reply
Peacey This is a great release. Listened to it twice in a row today, great stuff!
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