It looks like there's a Phish show in progress! You can discuss it here x a Project of the Mockingbird Foundation


kyediggs Reply
why is this up now??
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backwardsdowntheocelot Reply
backwardsdowntheocelot I was at the pittsburgh show, and bought my tix from craigslist, long story short, this person some how had copies of the same handful of seats, my gf and I got there as early as possible and of course they still didnt scan, we got to our seats and someones jacket was there so naturally i moved it, halfway through the show they realized multiple people had these particular seats, which i had a bad feeling about, and I just held my ground, the usher tried to get us to come with him but it was during the show and he just gave up and they found 2 other seats for the other people, seats were in the balcony dead center and like 3 rows from the front, so pretty awesome seats, show itself was sick, does anyone happen to have any audio?

but yea why is this up?
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