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Index of Original Lyrics

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Mound, My Sweet One
climbColonel Forbinís Ascent, Down with Disease, Let me Lie, No Dogs Allowed, Steam, Sugar Shack, Waste
courseThe Horse, Pebbles and Marbles
driveSummer of '89, What Thing Seem
flyAlaska, Destiny Unbound, Discern, Fikus, Halfway to the Moon, Round Room, Somantin, Steam
floatWhat Thing Seem
glideEsther, The Wedge
hikedSummer of '89
hurtleTwenty Years Later
jumpBrother, NICU, Shaggy Dog, Split Open and Melt
leavingKill Devil Falls
lostIdea, What Thing Seem
motionEsther, Harpua, He Ent to the Bog
movingLiquid Time
obstacleMountains in the Mist, Silent in the Morning
paceFee, Whatís the Use
pathDown with Disease
questColonel Forbinís Ascent
raceMock Song, Sand, Self, Whatís the Use
railGuelah Papyrus
rideBackwards Down the Number Line, Halfway to the Moon, Joy, Let me Lie, My Problem Right There, Steam
roadAC/DC Bag, Alaska, Fluffhead, Mountains in the Mist, Summer of '89, Twenty Years Later
roam46 Days
rollLiquid Time, Summer of '89, Time Turns Elastic
routeLimb by Limb
rowedGuelah Papyrus
run46 Days, AC/DC Bag, BBFCFM, Golgi Apparatus, In a Hole, NICU, Ocelot, Only a Dream, Rock A William, Run Like an Antelope, Runaway Jim, Splinters of Hell, Split Open and Melt, Spread It Around, Steam, Time Turns Elastic, Tube, Two Versions of Me
runwayBug, Spockís Brain
rushHarpua, NICU
sailMountains in the Mist, Moma Dance, Piper, Setting Sail
slitheringSugar Shack
soarDestiny Unbound, Halfway to the Moon, Mountains in the Mist
speedAnything But Me, Fee, In a Hole
standBug, Crowd Control, Guelah Papyrus, Jennnifer Dances, Spockís Brain, Steam, Two Versions of Me, Walls of the Cave
stayClone, Crowd Control, Rock A William, Sample in a Jar, Taste, Waves, Weekly Time
step – , Dog Log, Down with Disease, Heavy Things, In a Hole, My Friend, My Friend, Spices
stopDriver, Mock Song, Pebbles and Marbles, Reba, Scents and Subtle Sounds
strideBirds of a Feather
strollSilent in the Morning
strutBirds of a Feather
stumbleFast Enough For You, Heavy Things, Meatstick, Mountains in the Mist
trackGuelah Papyrus, Halfway to the Moon, Train Song
trafficLushington, Slave to the Traffic Light, What Thing Seem
tumbleBilly Breathes, Itís Ice, Time Turns Elastic
turningTwenty Years Later
turnpikeDestiny Unbound
venturesItís Ice
walk – , Dog Log, Drifting, Harpua, Limb by Limb, Ocelot, Only a Dream, Rock A William, Scent of a MuleShaggy Dog, Steam, Suzy Greenberg
wanderBrian and Robert, Lizards, Ocelot, Pigtail, Sample in a Jar
wentTime Turns Elastic
whirling aroundLight

– See also: Vehicles.

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