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Index of Original Lyrics

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bigBBFCFM, Can't Come Back, Crimes of the Mind, Ghost, Halley’s Comet, Lizards, Mike’s Song, No Dogs Allowed, Prep School Hippie, Rock A William, Scent of a Mule, Split Open and Melt
deepA Song I Heard the Ocean Sing
footTwenty Years Later
elasticTime Turns Elastic
infiniteWhat Thing Seem
largeHe Ent to the Bog, The Wedge
littleAC/DC Bag, Halfway to the Moon, Jennnifer Dances, Joy, Lushington, Suzy Greenberg
longIdea, Summer of '89, Time Turns Elastic
lowTime Turns Elastic
minorAnything But Me
outstretchedTime Turns Elastic
risingTime Turns Elastic
shortTwenty Years Later
smallHeavy Things, Liquid Time, Splinters of Hell, Summer of '89, Twenty Years Later
sellingTime Turns Elastic
tallTwenty Years Later
thinMy Sweet One
wideLiquid Time

– See also: Amounts, Numbers.

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