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Index of Original Lyrics

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Canít recall which three Phish songs mention fish? Want to name a pet with their lyrics without having yet another cat named Tela? Want to know the name of a song but can only remember that it mentions Paris or Aquitana? Want to know how many tools or toys appear in Phish lyrics? Want to find out about Elihu but canít find the song history because you donít know the title of that song? Now, you can.

Originally published in the second edition of The Phish Companion, and extended with input from forum regulars, this is a selective topical index of over 4,000 song references, for more than 1,750 words and phrases, that appear in the lyrics of more than 225 Phish originals, organized in 45 topical categories. The index does not include cover songs, nor songs done only by side projects, although it does include, for example, Army of One, written for and first performed by Vida Blue but later performed by Phish.

For reference purposes, as well as to satisfy (even encourage) eclectic curiosity, a single entry typically refers to all word forms of the same general meaning Ė such as "partying" and "parties" under "party", or "circled" and "circular" under "circle". In some cases, the same lyric is referenced dually, such as "banker" under "bank". However, different meanings arenít grouped, such as "change" meaning "alter" in Col. Forbin, "variation" in Crowd Control, and "coins" in Fluffhead. (Indeed, some 912 words are not indexed at all, because they only appear in one song and/or fall outside one of the listed categories, or because they were a preposition, pronoun, or definite or indefinite article.) Summarily, for example, we include "fly", "flying", "flew", and "flyer" (but not house "flies") under "fly".

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