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Link Blues Traveler, Saturday, 09/08/1990
The Front, Burlington, VT

Set 1: Rock Me Baby, Mulling It Over, Weird Chick, Out of My Hands > Gina, Optimistic Thought, But Anyway, Slow Change, Mountain Cry, Come Together, Mother Funker

Set 2: The Best Part, Love of My Life, 100 Years, Alone

Encore: Gotta Get Mean[1] > Gloria[1] > Gotta Get Mean[1]

[1] With Trey, Page and Boyd Tinsley.

Notes:   “Gotta Get Mean” and "Gloria" featured Trey on guitar, Page on keyboards, and Boyd Tinsley on violin.    

Musicians: Chan Kinchla, John Popper, Trey Anastasio (Guest), Page McConnell (Guest)


Link Blues Traveler, Saturday, 10/06/1990
The Capitol Theatre, Port Chester, NY

Set 1: Trust in Trust > Sweet Talkin' Hippie, Weird Chick > Mullin' It Over, Gina, Gotta Get Mean > Gloria[1] > Gotta Get Mean, Crystal Flame, But Anyway, Mountain Cry

[1] With Trey.

Notes: Phish opened this show. During Blues Traveler’s closing set, Trey sat in on guitar and vocals for “Gloria.”

Musicians: Chan Kinchla, John Popper, Trey Anastasio (Guest)


Link Blues Traveler, Wednesday, 11/07/1990
Barrymore Theatre, Madison, WI

Set 1: Trust in Trust > Dropping Some NYC, Mulling It Over, As We Wonder, Gina, Gotta Get Mean > Gloria > Gotta Get Mean, But Anyway, Hard to Exist, Love of My Life, The Best Part, 100 Years, Alone > Sweet Talking Hippie, Mother Funker[1]

Encore: Johnny B. Goode

[1] With Trey and Page.

Notes: Trey and Page, in town for Phish’s performance at the University of Wisconsin the following evening, sat in for “Mother Funker.” 

Musicians: Chan Kinchla, John Popper, Trey Anastasio (Guest), Page McConnell (Guest)

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