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Link Trey Anastasio and the Scorchio Quintet, Thursday, 11/18/2010
Richardson Auditorium, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ

Set 1: Love is Freedom[1], Water in the Sky[1], Summer of '89[1], Divided Sky[1], Greyhound Rising[1], Bar 17[2], Gone[2], Brian and Robert[1], Stash[1], Flock of Words[3], Strange Design[4], Wolfman's Brother[2]

Encore: Julie[5], Let Me Lie[2]

[1] Trey on acoustic.
[2] Trey on grand piano.
[3] Trey on acoustic; Leah Coloff on additional vocals.
[4] Trey on acoustic; Tom Marshall on additional vocals.
[5] Debut. Trey on grand piano.

Notes: This performance featured Trey acoustic guitar and grand piano, with the Scorchio Quintet: Gregor Kitzis (violin), Maxim Moston (violin), Martha Mooke (viola), Leah Coloff (cello) and Kris Saebo (bass). After "Summer of '89" Trey related how he had so many memories from this room, and that the first time he was here was in April 1970, when his parents took him to an anti-Vietnam War rally, his first concert ever, at six-years-old, and the band was, ironically, Country Joe and the Fish. Before "Divided Sky" Trey noted that "one part of this song, the lyrics, were written in a field, right over there." Trey played grand paino on "Bar 17," "Gone" and "Wolfman's Brother." Leah Coloff added additional vocals on "Flock of Words." After "Flock of Words" Trey acknowledged local resident and co-author Tom Marshall; he then noted that many of their songs had been written very close to the venue, including "Glide." Tom provided additional vocals on "Strange Design." Trey introduced the person responisble for many of his orchestral arrangements, Don Hart. "Julie" was a debut. Free MP3s of this performance are available at (excepting "Love Is Freedom," "Water in the Sky," "Brian and Robert" and "Julie"). 

Musicians: Trey Anastasio, Don Hart, Scorchio Quintet, Tom Marshall (Guest)

muchado , attached to 2010-11-18 Permalink
muchado Very intimate show. I'm just going to go ahead and say this, if you happen to be reading this and find yourself in early recovery I strongly recommend the "Greyhound Rising", "Bar 17", and "Gone" segment as well as the song "Julie", which as of this writing is the song's only performance. Very blue, but empowering and beautiful.

For Phish fans this acoustic "Stash" and "Wolfman's Brother" is not to be missed. The "Wolfman's" starts off with Trey on piano and evolves into an improvised vocal jam with audience as well as the Scorchio Quintet improvising in the moment on their instruments.

Great little show with some cool stories about the creation of Phish classics thrown in. Very cool that Tom Marshall duets with Trey on "Strange Design" as well.
Score: 1

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