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Link Trey Anastasio Band, Tuesday, 04/26/2005
Landmark Theater, Richmond, VA

Set 1: Come As Melody, Oz is Ever Floating[1], Sitting in Limbo[1], Goodbye Head[2], Night Speaks to a Woman, Knives Out[1], Black[2], Drifting

Set 2: Mr. Completely, 18 Steps, Air Said to Me[2], Talk[3], Love is Freedom[4], Cincinnati -> Low -> In the Light[1], I Am the Walrus

Encore: Host Across the Potomac[2], Love That Breaks All Lines[5]

[1] TAB debut.
[2] Debut.
[3] Trey solo acoustic.
[4] Trey, Ray and Peter only.
[5] Debut; Trey, Ray and Peter only (Trey on acoustic).

Notes: This show featured the debuts of “Goodbye Head,” “Black,” “Air Said to Me,” “Host Across the Potomac” and “Love That Breaks All Lines” and the TAB debuts of “Oz is Ever Floating,” “Sitting in Limbo” (Jimmy Cliff), “Knives Out” (Radiohead) and “In the Light” (Led Zeppelin). Trey performed “Talk” was solo acoustic. Les and Skeeto did not play on “Love is Freedom” or “Love That Breaks All Lines.” A pre-recorded version of “70 Volt Parade” was played over the P.A. between the second set and encore. Before the encore Trey related the origins of “Host Across the Potomac” and explained that it was originally titled “Office Space.”

Musicians: Trey Anastasio, Skeeto Valdez, Ray Paczkowski, Peter Chwazik, Les Hall

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