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Link Oysterhead, Sunday, 10/21/2001
Paramount Theatre, Seattle, WA

Set 1: Oz is Ever Floating[1], Rubberneck Lions, Little Faces[1], Mr. Oysterhead, Radon Balloon[1], Army's On Ecstacy[1], The Grand Pecking Order[1], Birthday Boys[1], Polka Dot Rose[1], Owner of the World, Pseudo Suicide

Encore: Shadow of a Man[1], Immigrant Song

[1] Oysterhead debut.

Notes: North Mississippi Allstars opened. “Mr. Oysterhead” included a “Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)” tease. “Army’s On Ecstasy” included “Smoke on the Water” and “Barracuda” teases; “Polka Dot Rose” featured one verse of “Walking on the Moon.” “Oz is Ever Floating,” “Little Faces,” “Radon Balloon,” “Army’s On Ecstasy,” “The Grand Pecking Order,” “Birthday Boys,” “Polka Dot Rose,” and “Shadow of a Man” and were all Oysterhead debuts.

Musicians: Trey Anastasio, Les Claypool, Stewart Copeland

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