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DollarBill , attached to 2001-11-06 Permalink
DollarBill I got lucky for this show because my tickets were third row right in front of Les Claypool! This was also right in front of Stewart's alternate drum kit/percussion amalgamation. The only downside, I guess, was that I couldn't see Trey and the Matterhorn guitar very well. We must have gotten there late because I don't remember seeing the Cancer Conspiracy open up the show.

Anyway, the show itself was pretty much just a regular reading of all the songs on the only Oysterhead album/disc. I do remember Les coming out with the flashlight glasses on for Shadow of a Man. The Israelites was a surprise encore to me because I really didn't know how many other songs they knew together.

Overall it was a good time and I wouldn't mind seeing other mixed personnel bands like this.
Score: 3
theghost , attached to 2001-11-06 Permalink
theghost The highlight for me was Stewart Copeland. He's truly one of the most creative drummers in rock and roll and he was great at this show.

Apparently he had troubles locating his drum set before this tour. They eventually found it in storage where it had been since the Synchronicity tour.
Score: 1

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