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goinphishin , attached to 2014-05-25 Permalink
goinphishin High energy show with an abundance of climaxes! TAB made up for every inch of rain that cancelled their second set last year, and then some. Summer Camp Music Festival was full of amazing artists like Victor Wooten Band, Primus, moe., Lettuce, and other big acts, but TAB stood out with their unique performance and addition to the line up. The sets were spectacular, and the perfect mix of funky and fun. Most songs had everyone groovin' like there was no tomorrow, and the slower songs were perfectly placed for a breather. Great job TAB on giving me the show I had hoped for after a miserable last year. I will never forget this show, and all of the beautiful moments that occurred within it. Much obliged Trey and friends!
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greenginandsand so fantastic! everyone gushed over trey's voice, or maybe it was just the sound of my own heart melting. i was waiting for the first tube or sand and WOAH THERE THEY BOTH ARE. sand was pure greatness. alaska was a crowd-pleaser. people were getting DOWN to the gorillaz (and half the crowd was on a bag of sunshine).
one of the female singers killed it with her voice and her and trey were making the crowd basically bow down to them. so fun, so funny. trey even played a game with the band, passing nicknames and beats between all of them. the classic holding up the guitar at the end + a led zeppelin winner to end the set. best part of summer camp, can't wait for summer tour!
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