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DiscoEyedUch , attached to 2014-02-15 Permalink
DiscoEyedUch This was a great show! Egyptian room was in high energy the minute we stepped into the venue on Saturday! Awesome cayman review opener! was about 5 feet from the stage for this one! Trey looking happy as usual playing! He stated how he was excited to be back in Indiana! talked about the infamous 93 murat gin as well. that was cool! Amazing show! Now get phish back to deer creek please!
Score: 4
headyburritos , attached to 2014-02-15 Permalink
headyburritos Quality show from TAB here. I flew in from out of town and had a blast at this show. The Egyptian Room is a nice little venue and the energy was high this night.

All around great first set; Cayman Review is groovy and a good way to get things going. Continuing the up tempo with Alive Again and then Magilla, which I personally loved. I really dig some of Trey's newer stuff - Frost and Land of Nod were cool to see. Of course, Jibboo and then Tuesday to close the set had the place buzzing.

Second set got going a little slow to me but overall a good kick. Night Speaks is always a good tune, and the TAB version of Alaska is where it's at. Sand through the end of the set is pretty kick ass and speaks for itself; I'm a little indifferent on Bounce, but am absolutely sold on the take on 1977..just have a listen. Architect is also a really great TAB song and this performance is typically solid. Clint Eastwood has some good banter in it before they rip into First Tube to end the second set.

Show of Life is a fine encore for me, especially when it's followed up by a straight blazing Push on Til the Day, which had everyone riding high into the cold night! Thank you, Trey!
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DeerCreek_Lightning , attached to 2014-02-15 Permalink
DeerCreek_Lightning I can talk about the music ... I can talk about the venue ... I could talk about the snow storm that happened when we were inside being melted away... But hey we have all read about this or that for this show or that show... So I would love to tell you about this being my moms first show, but to be honest I'm going to keep most of it in reserve for myself so I am going to sum it up with what she said to me walking back to our hotel room in the snow (couldn't find a cab to save our asses) " oh my god what a musical journey you just showed me, thanks son... NOW WILL YOU TAKE TO A PHISH SHOW... Love you mom
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