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Link Trey Anastasio & Los Angeles Philharmonic, Saturday, 03/10/2012
Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles, CA

Set 1: First Tube, Water in the Sky[1], Divided Sky[1], Brian and Robert[1], Goodbye Head, Guyute (Orchestral)[2], Let Me Lie[1], Stash

Set 2: Time Turns Elastic, If I Could[1], You Enjoy Myself

Encore: The Inlaw Josie Wales[1]

[1] Trey on acoustic.
[2] Trey first on acoustic, then electric guitar, before returning to acoustic.

Notes: This show featured Trey performing with the Los Angeles PhilharmonicScott Dunn conducting with orchestration by Don Hart. "You Enjoy Myself" featured a "Streets of Cairo" tease from Trey.

Musicians: Trey Anastasio, Don Hart, Los Angeles Philharmonic

fluffyfluffyhead157 , attached to 2012-03-10 Permalink
fluffyfluffyhead157 All I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!! The sound was phenomenal!!! The audience was a trip and a half; freaks sitting next to suits. Truly a Magical night at such a magnificent venue!!! I would love to get a copy of this show.
Score: 2
swingley , attached to 2012-03-10 Permalink
Fantastic show. The sound was indeed amazing. Guyute was the highlight for me. YEM was also up there, especially with Trey out in front with nothing but vocals. Best pic I got from the night (still not all that great):
Score: 1
headyburritos , attached to 2012-03-10 Permalink
headyburritos Truly an awesome experience. I was a little bummed that we didn't get the full encore with Golden Slumbers, but regardless the show was amazing. The acoustics in that room were the best I've ever heard; it felt like Trey was standing right next to us.
I really enjoyed the extended composed pieces, and for once I feel like I can say that I was excited to hear Time Turns Elastic. I think that this tune sounds great when played with an orchestra as it was intended. I've seen it once live with the rest of Phish, but it clearly fits better in the symphony setting. I would have to say that my favorite song from the night was either the Guyute or the YEM..both seemed so perfect. The YEM vocal jam was so unusual but so pretty, I absolutely loved it. Following the show I expected there to be some kind of download, even if just an audience recording, but I have yet to find anything. I guess that makes sense though, there isn't really any type of recording equipment (or soundboard really) inside Walt Disney Hall, and there sure as hell weren't any tapers set up around the room. Luckily, someone in the FRONT row took some amazing videos with a surprising steady shot. I think most of the songs made it to youtube, including the YEM. Here is the link to his video (
Overall this show was fantastic and got me so excited for Summer Tour, even if it was only March.
Score: 1
taste4fee , attached to 2012-03-10 Permalink
taste4fee truly a phenomenal show! This was definitely a once and a lifetime experience and I am so glad the many of us who were there got to share in this together. The Phil was amazing, such talented people up on that stage. Highlights of the phil was the first chair violinist, she was spectacular. She had a solo during the intro to TTE which had my jaw on the floor. Guyute was for sure a highlight, it was painted as such an epic and i really enjoyed that. The Phil flowed so nicely together, the addition of percussionists, violinists, wind instruments and well you understand was spectacular. YEM was amazing, especially treys one note vocal jam. The acoustics in that room were so grand that you could hear everything so crisp and clear. Before set break Trey was talking to us and said "this is the best sounding room i've ever played in." The second set TTE was actually mind blowing, i think it was around 35 minutes, around that time frame, and it was truly sensational, with the lyrics as well. TTE isn't great when phish plays it but with an orchestra, nailing it, its awesome. Overall it was an unforgettable experience and i hope trey releases this show!
Score: 0
TheLizard , attached to 2012-03-10 Permalink
UHHH? Is no one going to mention the stash!?! SO INSANE!!
Score: 0

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