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ssp_saratoga , attached to 2011-10-13 Permalink
Oh man I'm still reeling from Mr. Completely, Sand and very solid First Tube. Highlight of the show still has to be a turbocharged Push On that had the crowd in an unbridled frenzy. Don't believe me? Go to Youtube and check it out.
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westbrook , attached to 2011-10-13 Permalink
westbrook I went to the Ram's Head show and this one, and I think this one is better overall. I thought the placement of songs was better in this show; the Ram's Head show lost some energy in the second set with several mellow songs. Songs such as, Gotta Jibbo, Burn that Bridge, Alaska, and Pigtail, that are played with both Phish and TAB, work better with TAB in my opinion. Trey was very good this night. Gotta Jibbo, Push on 'Til the Day, Sand, and Mr. Completely all had great jams. Drifting and Liquid Time were beautiful. First Tube brought down the house, and the triple encore was great.
Score: 0
TimberCarini , attached to 2011-10-13 Permalink
TimberCarini Arrived late (during Devil Went Down to Georgia) because they started way early, and we walked in to this great new venue to see a decent crowd. Hit the bar on Fishman Side got drinks and went up next to the stage behind Ray's rig (pro tip: easy to go back forth throughout the night from the bar to that spot on the rail). High energy Push On til the Day and Black Dog were set one highlights. The second set and encore were great, but I just wonder why Trey writes these sets to bring the crowd energy up and then drop it down...over and over again. Second set would have been PERFECT without Valentine, Drifting, Liquid Time, and Pigtail. Strong close with Magilla, Night Speaks and a blistering First Tube. Plus that 3 song encore was money.
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