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ZapRowsdower I sort of stumbled upon this show in Minneapolis. I was in town for a family event, staying a block away from the State Theater. Walking by I saw "Trey Anastasio" on the marquee and had a mini freak out.

I actually had Saturday night free to myself so I walked up to the box office at 4:00 pm the day of the show and grabbed a ticket on the floor in the 10th row. I guess it pays to go by yourself.

Pre-show I made my way into the Rock Bottom Brewery which is hooked to the State Theater. The place was packed. I grabbed an IPA and it didn't take long to run into someone I knew from my hometown.

I had only seen TAB once before, back in '99 during his first solo tour when it was just a 3 piece band. The horns really added a nice dimension to the music and it sounded great.

The acoustic Phish set was great and almost brought a tear to my eye. I hadn't seen Phish or a side project in nearly 6 years, and to basically stumble upon this show was a great experience.

It wasn't until later on this summer that I would get back to Alpine valley and have my Phish fire rekindled after it went dim from the breakup.

I'm positive this wasn't an outstanding TAB show by any stretch, but it contained solid musicianship and was a rocking good time for me and everyone in attendance. I'm glad I found it.
Score: 3

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