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Link Trey, Mike and The Duo (G.R.A.B.), Wednesday, 07/19/2006
Plain Dealer Pavilion, Cleveland, OH

Set 1: Host Across the Potomac, Drifting, The Beltless Buckler, Mud City -> Billie Jean[1] > Sleep Again, Hap-Nappy, These Eyes -> Get Back -> Mr. Completely > Goodbye Head -> Jam -> You've Got Me Floating[2] > On the Road Again[2] > Wilson[3], Jam[4] > Who Are You?[5]

Encore: Jam > Dragonfly

[1] G.R.A.B. debut; instrumental with "Mud City" themes.
[2] Trey on acoustic guitar, Mike on banjo.
[3] Trey on acoustic guitar, Mike on banjo.; parts performed bluegrass with alternate lyrics "Cactus" instead of "Wilson."
[4] "We're still having fun" jam.
[5] Mike on acoustic guitar.

Notes: Benevento/Russo Duo opened. Trey teased "San-Ho-Zay" in "Mud City." The G.R.A.B. debut of “Billie Jean” (Michael Jackson) was performed instrumental and intertwined with the “Mud City” theme throughout. “You’ve Got Me Floating,” “On the Road Again” and “Wilson” were performed by Trey on acoustic guitar and Mike on banjo. “Wilson” was played in part in a bluegrass style with alternate lyrics "Cactus" instead of "Wilson" and was followed by a “we’re still having fun” jam. “Who Are You” featured Mike on acoustic guitar. This show was the only G.R.A.B. performance released as a LivePhish download

Musicians: Trey Anastasio, Mike Gordon, Marco Benevento, Joe Russo

Scully , attached to 2006-07-19 Permalink
Scully I feel privileged to be the first one to review this show. As of today it happened nearly seven years ago already but it still seems fresh in the mind. This was during the hiatus years and there was a sense of urgency for me to get to this show. For whatever reason I could not find anybody else to go with so I talked my younger brother into experiencing his first Phish related show. He gladly agreed to go along and also brought a friend of his who was interested in seeing Phish having heard of them plenty before.
The venue for this show is right on the Cuyahoga River. And if I do say so myself, G.R.A.B. lit it on fire one more time. The boaters that would float up to the back of the stage and the lights flickering off the water gave this show an extra element of enjoyment you won't get at many other venues. You are right smack dab in the middle if downtown Cleveland, outdoors. Great city feel. Fortunate for me this was also a show with a very small crowd which allowed me to get within' 5 standing rows of the stage.
This show is definitely worth listening to. I really enjoyed the Billie Jean. That was unexpected. Get Back was great for my brother since he was already into The Beatles. Mr. Completely and Goodbye Head offered some really good jams. By that time the sun was down and the water caught the stage lights. Just pure enjoyment. Watching Mike pick up an acoustic guitar and gettin' down on Who Are You was a kicker. The whole show felt like it was gonna be a real treat from the beginning. I heard Phish did the Floyd album cover because of the low attendance. This had some of that same energy. Though G.R.A.B. might not be as tight as Phish it's no coincidence this is the only live release on from that tour. Quality stuff there. I give it a 5 out of 5 based on every aspect and with all of my senses involved.
Score: 1

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