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Link Trey Anastasio Band, Saturday, 11/19/2005
Chevrolet Theatre, Wallingford, CT

Set 1: Push On 'Til the Day, Cayman Review, Shine, Dark and Down, Money, Love and Change > Wherever You Find It, Sweet Dreams Melinda, Night Speaks to a Woman, Invisible[1], Love That Breaks All Lines[1], Harry Hood[2], Sample in a Jar[2], Spin, Sand, The Way I Feel, Come As Melody

Encore: Alive Again, First Tube

[1] Trey on acoustic with Jen and Christina on backing vocals.
[2] Trey solo acoustic.

Notes: A pre-recorded version of “70 Volt Parade” was played over the P.A. as the band took the stage. “Invisible” through “Sample” were performed by Trey solo acoustic, excepting “Invisible” and “Love That Breaks All Lines” which featured Jen and Christina on backing vocals.

Musicians: Trey Anastasio, Russell Remington, Jennifer Hartswick, Raymond Weber, Ray Paczkowski, Christina Durfee, Les Hall, Tony Hall

ThinMan , attached to 2005-11-19 Permalink
I was blessed through TAB ticketing to get front row for this show and my wife and I had a complete blast.

As a quick side note, the theater in Wallingford is a true gem and a wonderful place to see a show. While The Palace, The Warfield or any other old ornate theater have their place, as do more crowded places such as The Vic or Webster Hall, I have always felt a huge relief coming to Wallingford. The indoor beer garden is HUGE and there is plenty of space to relax, sit, and just chill with friends. I also love that the whole place is carpeted and the acoustics are wonderful. The place has a feeling a modern symphony hall - a much welcomed alternate.

This tour found TAB doing one long set with usually an acoustic middle section. Trey would stay on the stage for the whole night and while not as good as two sets, it worked OK. The biggest surprise the night before was Skeeto was out of the band (mid-tour) and replaced by Tony's friend - Ray Weber. That show was fine with the new drummer and I wasn't expecting anything different this night. (I actually ran into Tony at the hotel the night before and I asked him what happened and he did not give me an explanation).

The first part of the show was a smoking par for the course TAB show. The 70V piped through the PA (always loved this) and right smack into a wicked Push. Again all songs getting great treatment, nice flow with some slower tunes mixed in and we find ourselves at a fantastic Night Speaks to close this section. I love TAB acoustic songs, can't stand when he play Phish songs - so Hood and Sample didn't do anything.

The real meat of the show is the post-acoustic. They smoke the Spin With, Sand, Way I Feel, Comes As. I mean destroy all 4 songs and what fantastic flow...The With jam (I know not commonly used, but some of us settled on calling the new jam this) was a monster with Tony getting so into it. And then a ripping Sand, slow it down with Way I Feel and bring it back with Comes As. I saw 4 shows this tour (Albany, this and 2 Warfield)...this 4 song run was by far my favorite.

[Also Ray's band opened the show and Trey did not come out for a song. I have no idea what song, but somebody does.]
Score: 2

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