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Link Trey Anastasio Band, Saturday, 05/07/2005
The Taft Theatre, Cincinnati, OH

Set 1: Dark and Down, Cincinnati, Dig a Pony, Oz is Ever Floating, It's Ice, Burlap Sack and Pumps, What's Done, Bar 17, Will It Go Round in Circles?

Set 2: Night Speaks to a Woman, The Way I Feel, Cayman Review, Push On 'Til the Day, 18 Steps, First Tube > In the Light

Encore: Waste[1], Love That Breaks All Lines[2], Back on the Train[1], I Am the Walrus

[1] Trey solo acoustic.
[2] Trey, Ray and Peter only (Trey on acoustic).

Notes:   After “It’s Ice,” Trey noted, “In the words of the immortal Jimi Hendrix, I know I missed a verse." Trey performed “Waste” and “Back on the Train” solo acoustic. “Love That Breaks All Lines” was performed without Les or Skeeto.

Musicians: Trey Anastasio, Skeeto Valdez, Ray Paczkowski, Peter Chwazik, Les Hall

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