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Link Oysterhead, Thursday, 05/04/2000
Saenger Theater, New Orleans, LA

Set 1: I Am Oysterhead[1], Mr. Oysterhead[1], Jam > Rubberneck Lions[1], Owner of the World[2], Blue Ginger[1], Happiness in My Pants[1] > Wildwood Weed[1] > Happiness in My Pants[1], Sinkin' Down[1], Pseudo Suicide[1]

Encore: Immigrant Song[1], The Israelites[1], All Day and All of the Night[1], House of the Rising Sun[1]

[1] Oysterhead debut.
[2] Oysterhead debut; dedicated to Fishman.

Notes: This debut Oysterhead performance was part of the “Superfly Presents” annual series that runs concurrent the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. “Owner of the World” was dedicated to Fish, who ran on stage and bowed. “Pseudo Suicide” included lyrical quotes from Primus’ “Jerry Was a Race Car Driver” and Phish’s “Reba.” All three musicians were wearing white jumpsuits. As this was the first public performance of Oysterhead, all songs are Oysterhead debuts.

Musicians: Trey Anastasio, Les Claypool, Stewart Copeland

Frizz , attached to 2000-05-04 Permalink
Frizz Primitive tunes. This is by far one of my favorite shows ever. The banter, the jamming, and the all around comradery between all performers is golden.
Score: 3
Abe_Froman , attached to 2000-05-04 Permalink
Abe_Froman Lots of hype surrounding this show before it happened. Matt Groening, Francis Ford Coppola, Jon Fishman in attendance, among others. As Claypool talked about towards the end of the set, tickets were going for a ton on ebay.

Musically? Not bad. The jam into Rubbernecking Lions is "Pink Floydish", and Trey's finger picking on "Blue Ginger" is quite nice, in the same mold as "Inlaw Josie Wales".

I'd listen to shows from their fall 2001 tour if you want GOOD Oysterhead, but this one's cool for the excitement of the first time.
Score: 1
fhqwhgads , attached to 2000-05-04 Permalink
fhqwhgads I rate this show a 4/5 partly due to the sheer novelty of it. I'd've loved to attend this show, Oysterhead's first. Oysterhead was an interesting part of the time surrounding the Phish Hiatus--which actually didn't begin until 10/8/00. We also got some great shows by Trey Anastasio Band, Vida Blue, Mike with Col. Bruce Hampton, Max Creek, and of course Leo Kottke, and the less-familiar to me Jazz Mandolin Project with Fishman and Fishman's own Pork Tornado. The studio album that resulted from the Oysterhead project is my main memento thereof, with great production values to polish the already very interesting songwriting. I don't have too much to say about the single set that comprises this debut show, but how can you disagree with that encore? Desmond Dekker and the Aces' "The Israelites" in particular was a revelation to me, having just recently become familiar with the song by way of a 45 RPM vinyl single picked up for less than it was worth at a discount store. Lots of fun to be had with this inaugural dose of Oysterhead.
Score: 1

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