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Link Vida Blue, Saturday, 07/13/2002
House of Blues, West Hollywood, CA

Set 1: Most Events Aren't Planned, Get Ready, Jealous Guy > Sheep, Day or Night, Electra Glide, CJ3 > No Quarter, Cars, Cars Trucks Buses[1]

Encore: Light Up Or Leave Me Alone[2]

[1] With Mike on bass in place of Oteil.
[2] With Mike on guitar.

Notes: Mofro opened. Mike sat in on bass in place of Oteil for “Cars Trucks Buses.” For the “Light Up or Leave Me Alone” encore Oteil resumed the bass duties while Mike played guitar.

Musicians: Page McConnell, Oteil Burbridge, Russell Batiste, Jr., Mike Gordon (Guest)

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Most Events Aren't Planned
Get Ready
Jealous Guy
Day or Night
Electra Glide
No Quarter
e: Light Up or Leave Me Alone**

*Mike Gordon on bass
**Mike Gordon on guitar
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BajaPhish This was a fun night. I wish I had written a setlist but it didn't matter at the time we just were happy to hear some music. The place was pretty packed and the vibe was laid back and happy. Mike joined the band for a while on guitar and that was cool- he sounded good form what I remember. I'd love to hear it again.
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ADAWGWYO All I really remember musically was them covering that 80's pop song "Cars". You know.... "Here in my car, I feel safest of all.... In cars..... cars tonight". Or something like that. It was a really smokey venue with low ceilings and it was HOT inside. Also remember that Gordo was there, but actually didn't remember which songs he played until I got the FLACs a few months back. Anyone need copies, hit me up.

I was dancing with this girl and she stabbed me in the eye with her finger. I went blind for a second. Then, using the stage lights she held up her finger and said "Hey, is this your contact?" There it was, on the end of her finger- highlighted only by stage lights off in the distance.

I put it back in and continued to rage!
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