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Link Phil Lesh & Friends, Friday, 04/16/1999
Warfield Theatre, San Francisco, CA

Set 1: Help on the Way > Slipknot! > Franklin's Tower, Wish You Were Here > Tennessee Jed, Stella Blue[1], Alligator

Set 2: Bertha[2] > Prince Caspian, St. Stephen -> The Eleven > Unbroken Chain, Chalk Dust Torture > Mountains of the Moon > Scarlet Begonias[2] -> Fire on the Mountain[2]

Encore: Ripple[3]

[1] Instrumental.
[2] Donna Jean Godchaux on additional vocals.
[3] Acoustic; Donna Jean Godchaux on additional vocals.

Notes: “Stella Blue” was performed instrumental with Steve Kimock on pedal steel. This gig featured the first known performance of “Alligator” by a member of The Grateful Dead since April 29, 1971. "Alligator" contained a "San-Ho-Zay" tease from Trey. “Dark Star,” “St. Stephen” and “Mike’s Song” were teased prior to “Bertha.” “Ripple” was performed acoustic. Donna Jean Godchaux provided additional vocals for “Bertha,” “Scarlet Begonias,” "Fire on the Mountain" and “Ripple.”

Musicians: Trey Anastasio, Page McConnell, Phil Lesh, John Molo, Steve Kimock, Donna Jean Godchaux (Guest)

Abe_Froman , attached to 1999-04-16 Permalink
Abe_Froman The couple of minutes of music as Prince Caspian fades and St. Stephen starts is one of my favorite music moments. Unbelievable.
Score: 2
PHATTSKIS , attached to 1999-04-16 Permalink
PHATTSKIS Could be my favorite concert of all time and I have seen a few. Everything that night was stellar. Everything was well played, the jams were awesome, and the addition of Donna Jean really made the night extra-special. The second set blend of PHiSH and old Grateful Dead music was incredible. So pleased to have been there! Track down a copy of this show, if not all three of these Warfield Phil and Phriends shows.
Score: 1

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