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Link SerialPod, Saturday, 12/17/2005
Asheville Civic Center, Asheville, NC

Soundcheck: Jam

Set 1: Jam > Cumberland Blues > Chalk Dust Torture -> On a Plain > Wave the Ocean > Sweet Thing -> Jam[1] > Waves[1] -> Jam[1] -> Angel[1] > Loose Lucy[1]

[1] Ivan Neville on keyboards.

Notes: This gig was part of the seventeenth annual Christmas Jam, a benefit for Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity. Other performers included Gov't Mule, Hot Tuna, Ray LaMontagne and John Scofield. "Chalk Dust Torture" contained a "Right Off" (Miles Davis) tease. Ivan Neville sat in on keyboards for the latter portion of the jam out of Van Morrison's "Sweet Thing" through the end of the set. A soundboard of the thirteen-minute jam from this gig's soundcheck circulates.

Musicians: Trey Anastasio, Mike Gordon, Bill Kreutzmann, Ivan Neville (Guest)

The_Good_Doctor , attached to 2005-12-17 Permalink
The_Good_Doctor If you didn't read the line up, here it is in all caps:


I mean what could go wrong? Well, absolutely nothing.

Looking out across the Civic Center when these dudes kicked open the lid on Pandora's box and chugged through Nirvana's 'On a Plain' ... so beautifully bizarre, just off the f'n PKE meter, Egon ... a cerebral flotation device emerged with Jam > Waves > Jam and then 'Loose Lucy' rocked so hard it shook the blessed rafters down from heaven and the gods smiled with delight. Ambrosia all around.

Once in a lifetime arrangement, grateful to have heard it once. If anyone has a recording of this please, please hit me up.
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TrueKDC , attached to 2005-12-17 Permalink
I had no idea what was about to happen before this team stepped on stage. All I could do was shout and dance with excitement. As I sucked my cocktail down to avoid sloshing it all over the floor, blackout took hold and this magical ensemble and set took place only in the moment, not even to be enjoyed again through memory.
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