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Link Benevento/Russo Duo Featuring Mike Gordon, Wednesday, 04/27/2005
The Georgia Theatre, Athens, GA

Set 1: Foam[1]

Set 2: Becky, Aqui Como Alla, Best Reason To Buy The Sun, Scratchitti, Forever Night Shade Mary > Welcome Red

Encore: Hoe-Down, Serpentine Fire, Cars Trucks Buses

[1] 54-minutes.

Notes: The 54-minute version of "Foam" featured a "Lengthwise" tease from Marco, a tease of "The Chain" by Mike, and was released through "Cars Trucks Buses" featured "Foam," "Frankenstein" and "Lengthwise" teases, all from Marco.

Musicians: Mike Gordon, Marco Benevento, Joe Russo

thedeviousgelatin , attached to 2005-04-27 Permalink
thedeviousgelatin What can be said about this Foam that would do it justice...hard to imagine. Following the temporary demise of Phish, none of us knew if/when/how we were going to get to hear so many of the songs which had become so intrenched in each of our (and the collective) psyche(s). This 54 minute Foam, planned or spontaneous, answered those questions with resounding force. The GRaB Trio turned the relatively rigid structure of Foam into the most supple and pliable of materials, slipping in and out of its grasp with a nimbleness and vision the song might never have seen before. This is a testimony not to what Foam could be, but to what it is, regardless of whether we or the other members of Phish are aware of it, regardless of whether it is ever played with such gusto and abandon again.

This is a Foam for the ages. To call it a 'must' listen version is to miss the point. It doesn't demand your attention. Your attention demands it.
Score: 2

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