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Link Mike Gordon, Friday, 03/28/2014
House of Blues, Boston, MA

Set 1: Long Black Line, Andelmans' Yard, Jones > Spock's Brain, Yarmouth Road, Pretty Boy Floyd, Ether, Hand in My Pocket, Different World

Set 2: Traveled Too Far, Jumping, Meat > Willow Tree, Normal Phoebe, Peel, Say Something, Angatta, Tiny Little World, Are You a Hypnotist??, Face

Encore: Barton Hollow

Notes: "Normal Phoebe" contained a "Let's Go" tease and "Dirty Water" lyrics. "Tiny Little World" also contained a "Let's Go" tease.

Musicians: Mike Gordon, Scott Murawski, Craig Myers, Tom Cleary, Todd Isler

dogogbyn , attached to 2014-03-28 Permalink
dogogbyn This was a great show--Mike and his band left me wishing that I was able to catch them for additional nights. I didn't have any expectations before the show because I've never caught Gordon's band before, and I was blown away multiple times throughout the night by the band's experimentation with different genres of music, their tightness, and their ability to wade into deep jam territory. Highlights of the night (for me at least) were Ether, Jumping, Meat and Say Something. I talked with a few phans who thought that Gordon's take on Meat was fresh and funky. Go see Mike's band if you can--it's clear he has so much fun with this project and his musical communication with guitarist, Scott Murawski, is worth the price of the ticket.
Score: 3
antelopefrim , attached to 2014-03-28 Permalink
This was an intense show. I was really blown away by the whole thing and sadly I cant remember most of this show due to the pot brownie. But the music was GREAT. I wasn't as high for my phish show I attended last year. I think mike knew I was fucked up but I think (bc of the sweating) maybe he thought it wasn't a bud brownie. He seemed sooooo happy though the entire night and really played off the audience well. I knew he was playing at me for some moments, and other moments he was playing to other people. Scott was smiling the entire time and I really like the way he plays guitar. I remember being very into the keys, but not so much the percussion!! Mike is great but I cant let that get in the way of how on point everyone plays. I think honestly, the drummer is seriously underrated. I watched a link of his once, showing the camera man his drum set and he was explaining everything so fast, but once I heard him play I knew I was in for a treat hearing him live. I asked him to encore with funky bitch (after everyone did, I was still too high to really understand them) and he justlooked at me and laughed. I wasn't familiar with more than half these songs but they all were really good. I have a good few photos from this night I look back on a lot. Mike is just agh I love him :)

The only thing I am upset about is the incomplete Meat. But hey, Meat, Spock's Brain, Dirty water lyrics and Face???? I remember face being VERY good. Not complaining. But Mike, I'd love a release of this concert??? I'd pay.
Score: -1

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