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Link Mike Gordon, Saturday, 03/22/2014
The Rio Theatre, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Set 1: Long Black Line, Surface, Spock's Brain, Twists and Bends, Peel, Mrs. Peel -> Paint > Face, Hand in My Pocket > Normal Phoebe

Set 2: Jumping, Jones > Susskind Hotel > Ocean Of Diamonds[1] > I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate[1] > Ocean Of Diamonds > Susskind Hotel, Different World, The Grid > Tiny Little World > Black Tambourine, 555[2] > Another Door, Skin It Back

Encore: Say Something

[1] Mike Gordon debut.
[2] Additional lyrics.

Notes: This show was remastered and officially released via LivePhish. "Peel" contained quotes of William Shakespeare's "As You Like It." This show featured the Mike Gordon debuts of "Oceans of Diamonds" and "Sister Kate." "555" contained additional intro lyrics "Trash cans in the distance / Seagulls in a line / Transmission's boiling up and over / Follow me to find / Can't wait to get away."

Musicians: Mike Gordon, Scott Murawski, Craig Myers, Tom Cleary, Todd Isler

Likethingsonmymind , attached to 2014-03-22 Permalink
this show surpassed my expectations. first set opener was a little flat- but by second set the place and the band were jumping up and down all night.
highlights were, 555 with a history lesson. susskind hotel, necks black tambourine was siiiick, and skin it back 2nd encore was a treat.
great show with lots of improve and lots of crown involvement and band banter.
Score: 1
mistermooner , attached to 2014-03-22 Permalink
GREAT show. This was my first time at a Mike show, and man o man was it a good one. Me and my buddies enjoyed it from the first row and got in on the action hitting the keys at the front of the stage that were set up for audience interaction. Pretty sure it was during MRs.Peel / Paint that they first lit up, and when the keys in front of you lit up, they were active, so you could hit them and contribute to the music. Even more stoked that this was an official release and I can hear the part where I was hittin the keys in the jam. Everyone was gettin down the whole show. Particularly liked "Jones" and "The Grid", and then the Little Feat cover was a special treat of course. All the tunes from Overstep were well played, and the cool digital lighting effects on the guitar and bass really added something cool to the lighting of the whole show. Nice to see a show in a small venue and get an autograph table set up at the merch stand. Mike was out chatting on the sidewalk afterwards too. All in all a great night for all. Only regret was interrupting Mike at his famliy sushi dinner before the show to ask for a photo (which I didn't get , duh). Lame move. SORRY MIKE AND FAMILY!!!
Score: 0

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