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Link Mike Gordon, Thursday, 03/15/2012
Melkweg, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Set 1: Sugar Shack, Can't Stand Still -> She Said She Said > The Way It Goes, Andelmans' Yard, Kissing the Lipless[1] > Babylon Baby, Funky Bitch, I Miss My Mind, Hap-Nappy

[1] Mike Gordon debut.

Notes: This show took place in Max Hall and was part of the "Jam in the Dam VI" that also featured moe.Dark Star OrchestraLotus and Keller Williams. "Kissing the Lipless" (The Shins) was a Mike Gordon debut.

Musicians: Mike Gordon, Scott Murawski, Craig Myers, Tom Cleary, Todd Isler

buckd61 , attached to 2012-03-15 Permalink
There were 2 more songs after Funky Bitch - I Sure Miss My Mind with Tom Cleary showing off his vocal chops, and at 01:55, Mike announced time for one more - Hap-Nappy to finish.
Strange but great to see Cactus in such an intimate setting. Mike had the show-closing slot - onstage at 00:45. Hall half-full - 350 people? - band setup with keys on left and percussion on right (opposite to last night). Exploratory Sugar Shack to open. Stand Still transitioned into She Said which also flowed smoothly into That's The Way. The new cover was out of place in this set and the floor thinned out further as a result although a storming Funky Bitch was the crowd-pleaser of the night.
Band well-rehearsed and relaxed throughout. Majority of JITD attendees appear to be here for Moe rather than Mike. Early slot tonite - onstage at 20:00
Score: 1
reydempto , attached to 2012-03-15 Permalink
reydempto It's actually called Kissing the Lipless, and it's by the shins...NOT a scott original lol
Score: 0
BackOffTheTrain , attached to 2012-03-15 Permalink
BackOffTheTrain Listened to this show multiple times. Best parts would have to be Shack and Bitch.
Score: 0

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