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Link The Apollo Project, Friday, 01/06/2012
World Financial Center Winter Garden, New York, NY

Set 1: Under Stars, The Secret Place, Matta, Signals, An Ending (Ascent), Under Stars II, Drift, Silver Morning, Deep Blue Day, Weightless, Always Returning, Stars

Encore: Jam

Notes: As part of The New York Guitar Festival, this ensemble performed Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks, the 1983 ambient album by Brian Eno. Folowing the performance of the album in its entirety, the encore featured an improvised ambient-style jam. This was a free performance.

Musicians: Mike Gordon, Larry Campbell, Caleb Burhans, Grey McMurray, Jeff Parker, David Torn, Sarah Lipstate

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it was amazing. The space is a beautiful glass atrium filled with very tall palm trees. The natural reverb is perfect for an ambient show such as this. The show was a tribute to a record that is a tribute to the missions to the moon, and as the band played, the nearly-full moon traversed the glass roof of the building, climbing over the building from the opposite side from the stage. It was a fairly intimate performance, with a quiet and respectful crowd.

What about the music? This album has been living on my iPod for a while, and the top-notch musicians delivered it beautifully, accompanying a visual show of NASA Apollo footage and stills. What can I say? Thank you to the musicians for the gift of this incredible, magickal performance.

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TheArgus Does a recoding of this circulate?
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