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Link Mike Gordon, Sunday, 12/11/2011
The Egg, Albany, NY

Set 1: Horizon Line, Only a Dream, I'm Deranged -> The Way It Goes, Just a Rose > Voices, River Niger, Don't Do It -> Horizon Line

Set 2: Funky Bitch, Sugar Shack, Hand in My Pocket -> Dig Further Down -> Dream Song 22 - 'Of 1826'[1] -> Dig Further Down, Crumblin' Bones, Skin It Back -> Hap-Nappy, Won't Get Fooled Again

Encore: Suzy Greenberg[2]

[1] Mike Gordon debut.
[2] Mike Gordon debut, with Steve Pollak on vocals.

Notes: This show was officially released as a 3-CD set and free MP3 download. "I'm Deranged," "Just a Rose," and "Dig Further Down" included "May The Force Be With You" ("The Force Theme" from Star Wars) teases from Tom. "The Way It Goes" contained a "Traveled Too Far" tease from Scott. "Voices" contained a "Black Water" (Doobie Brothers) tease from Scott. "River Niger" contained a "Chameleon" tease from Tom. This gig featured the Mike Gordon debut of "Dream Song 22 - 'Of 1826'," a poem by John Berryman from The Dream Songs, which was delivered as spoken word by Tom. "Suzy Greenberg" was a Mike Gordon debut and featured Steve Pollak ("The Dude of Life") on vocals.

Musicians: Mike Gordon, Scott Murawski, Craig Myers, Tom Cleary, Todd Isler, Steve Pollak ("The Dude of Life") (Guest)

Captain_Trips , attached to 2011-12-11 Permalink
Captain_Trips in my opinion this was the phishiest crowd of the last 3 shows of the mini tour. the energy was strong and the band knew how to live up to it. Although mike spent less time in full blown "cactus mode" (as i like to call it) than the other 2 nights prior, it was fantastic to hear them functioning more like a unit. the way it goes was a real treat for me, and i must say i like this version much more than phish's, since they've probably spent more time with it. funky bitch was really high energy but it lacked that creative spark that mike usually brings to each song with his band, i felt. dig further down was great and very different from the version that opened the previous nights show. won't get fooled again was spot on. i dont think they couldve done it much better. it was suspenseful, loud and everybody was fucking psyched. lastly, suzy was kinda sloppy, but seriously it was such a good time, because it just got everybody more excited about NYE. the dude has great stage presence and brought the rage out of the audience. overall, i cant wait to check out more mike shows. i am officially a huge fan
Score: 3

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