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Link Mike Gordon, Sunday, 11/13/2011
Lebanon Opera House, Lebanon, NH

Set 1: Another Door, Cruel World, Sideways[1], The Way It Goes[2], What Things Seem, I Miss My Mind -> River Niger, Things That Make You Go Hmmm... > Babylon Baby

Set 2: Sailin' Shoes, Just a Rose -> Black Tambourine, Andelmans' Yard, Meat > Sound, Sugar Shack, Idea

Encore: Funky Bitch > Won't Get Fooled Again

[1] Debut.
[2] Mike Gordon debut.

Notes: This performance featured the debut of "Sideways" (Gordon, Linitz) and the Mike Gordon debut of "The Way It Goes" (Gillian Welch). 

Musicians: Mike Gordon, Scott Murawski, Craig Myers, Tom Cleary, Todd Isler

ColForbin Staff , attached to 2011-11-13 Permalink
ColForbin Great show! I felt kinda bad that there were a ton of open seats in back, but it didn't stop the band from playing the hell out of it. I love how Mike gets to really strut his stuff on the bass that you don't get so much in the context of Phish. The Way it Goes was far better than the Phish version, Scott has a slightly more bluesy tone than Trey that works better (admittedly, Mike's band has probably practiced it a bit more than the 3 takes Phish made during the Dick's soundcheck). What Things Seem had a languid, loping feel that made the whole room feel like it was melting. Things That Make You Go Hmmm... was surprisingly jammed out for what must have initially been planned as a novelty. Great segue into Black Tambourine in the second set, with Mike kicking it off via the distinctive bass line. The encore had tons of energy, and could match up to many Phish encores I've heard. I would love it if Won't Get Fooled Again could follow Mike back to Phish.

Just on a personal note, it's refreshing for me to see a band this fun without all of the expectations/baggage/critical eye that I take with me to a Phish show. Makes me kind of wistful for how I used to feel at Phish.
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vtskiguy35 , attached to 2011-11-13 Permalink
I completely agree with the above poster- this show rocked- It reminded me of watching a band in your old Junior High, as the room was small and intimate. There was also nobody there- people were giving tix away for free before the show- Maybe it was because it was a Sunday night, but if this show was in VT, it probably would of been sold out. Basically the people there got a BIG treat! The acoustic presence of that room was bar none one of the best I have ever been in. The band was highly energetic and everyone rocked. Highlights were the "things that make you go hmm" jam, meat, won't get fooled again, and a few others that made me get the tingles. Beyond that, not dealing with all the hype and garbage of a Phish show really made me love this entire night. I encourage anyone to see either Trey or Mike's side projects if you can. I would love to see Fishman back with Pork Tornado or Page with Vida Blue, but for now, this was a well-needed interlude from Phish tour.
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fspencer09 , attached to 2011-11-13 Permalink
fspencer09 Haven't heard this show, but Hell Yea Mike, big ups for "The Way it Goes" Loved it at Dick's and I just played the Gillian Welch version on my radio show. Really would love to hear Phish bust this one out again!
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mavisdavis , attached to 2011-11-13 Permalink
mavisdavis A very unique Old New England venue and as stated above, very small but very funky. It made perfect sense given Mike's penchant for the odd and unusual. Sound was killer and it was clear the band had a blast as did those few in attendance. I did not know the Gillian Welch tune but it stood out. Great space and lighting during River Niger and the Things That Make You, Babylon Baby set closer was complete up tempo energy. I'm a sucker for a Little Feat tune and Sailin' got us underway for the second shift. Black Tambourine got the crowd rowdy and Mike was literally running in place while playing that bass. Super fun moment as he was clearly feeling it. The rest of the second set was top notch with a well played Sugar Shack, Idea close out. The encore was a pure rock and roll pounding. Great show, Mike's band has it going on. Look forward to the Old New England Calvin in Hamp show. Let's get some fan support for these guys, they're nailing it!
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