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Link Mike Gordon, Saturday, 03/19/2011
Center Stage Theater, Atlanta, GA

Set 1: Another Door, The Void -> Heavy Metal -> Fixin' to Die[1] > The Void > Rhymes, Exit Wound, She Said She Said, Be Good and You'll Be Lonely, Cities

Set 2: Balloon, Only a Dream -> God Put a Smile Upon Your Face, Just a Rose > Pretend, Nobody's Home, The Beltless Buckler, Traveled Too Far, Mound

Encore: Down to the Nightclub

[1] Col. Bruce Hampton on vocals.

Notes: After "Another Door" Tom Cleary performed a mini "song" on the Kaossilator that he had written backstage before the show about that evening's Supermoon. Mike introduced "The Void" as a "song about the feeling the first person that ever walked on the moon had when taking that... step." Atlanta-fixture Col. Bruce Hampton provided vocals for "Fixin' to Die." 

Musicians: Mike Gordon, Scott Murawski, Craig Myers, Tom Cleary, Todd Isler, Col. Bruce Hampton (Guest)

the_Crested_Hogchoker , attached to 2011-03-19 Permalink
the_Crested_Hogchoker What a fantastic show this was-

I had heard very little of Mike's solo live repetoir going into this show (mostly on purpose... kinda wanted to see what would happen with little backround info) and I was expecting a lot of upbeat bounciness, which was present here, but was vastly in the minority compared to a lot of dark, brooding, and moody psychedelia. I mean, they almost immediately stepped off into the Void and beautifully drifted through some strange terrain until an uplifting and fun Cities closed the first set. I was looking for an Exit Wound and got a solid one just when I thought they were ready to lighten the mood; and even She Said She Said had a certain listless chip on its shoulder.

Honestly I think this is a fantastic show for fans with creepier, deep, strange palates. the extended Mound closer, which is absolutely Wild IMO, reprises the whole show perfectly. Balloon was also a solid highlight.

Like I said, I had little Mike solo experience going into this, but nonetheless I found this show to have a great many unpredictable twists and turns and a really intense vibe to it.

I actually took my father, who has very little concept of Phish and live improvisational rock in general (he's an old Sabbath/ Clapton type of dude who's barely seen any shows since the early 80s) and he was pretty blown away by this performance. By the end of the show, he was whooping it up as if he'd followed the boys for quite some time; as if he'd been dying to see something like this... Ol' Gordo blew my Ol' man's Ol' mind a little bit I think.

pls PM me if you could direct me to a solid recording of this- it would be so greatly appreciated

Score: 2

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