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tek9rifleskills , attached to 2009-09-18 Permalink
four years ago today, Gordo rocked my face off!! We were so close to the stage we could touch his pedals, show rocked sooooooooo hard, has so much relisten quality to it, and was easily one of the loudest shows I ever saw. Mike's vocals were so loud, they cracked one of the house speakers and left my ears ringing for a few days :)
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AustinTxNate , attached to 2009-09-18 Permalink
Absolute bomber of a show. I went to the venue by myself early to try and pick up our tickets. Got to meet Mike at the Ticket booth before the show around 3 or 4. The show was incredible to say the least. Every song was jammed as long, and as loud, as possible. I remember the crowd being so rowdy. Especially during the MEAT closer, which was huge.

Much to everyones appreciation, Mike stayed around, and signed a ton of ticket stubs at the Merch booth. Dream come true type stuff.

Craziest thing is, I remember when meeting Mike earlier, asking him to please come back to Austin. It had been a long time, and we loved him down there. He just smiled and said Right on. The ACL 2010 line up was released a few months later. Only to see Phish as a headliner. I will always wonder, but I'm sure Mike knew that Austin was already booked, and didn't want to spoil it for me.
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