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Link Mike Gordon, Sunday, 08/03/2008
Theatre of the Living Arts, Philadelphia, PA

Set 1: Another Door, She Said She Said > Traveled Too Far > Soumaila[1], Crumblin' Bones, Sound[2], Andelmans' Yard, Meat, Things That Make You Go Hmmm...[1], Dig Further Down, La La La > Takin' It to the Streets[1]

[1] Mike Gordon debut.
[2] Debut.

Notes: This gig featured four Mike Gordon debuts: "Soumaila" (Craig Myers), Mike's original "Sound," "Things That Make You Go Hmm..." (C+C Music Factory) and "Takin' It to the Streets" (Doobie Brothers). "Soumaila" contained a "Those Were the Days" tease near its end.

Musicians: Mike Gordon, Scott Murawski, Craig Myers, Tom Cleary, Todd Isler

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