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Link Benevento/Russo Duo featuring Mike Gordon, Tuesday, 12/27/2005
State Theatre, Falls Church, VA

Set 1: Becky, Hoe-Down, Welcome Red, Theme From the Bottom, White Freightliner Blues, The Beltless Buckler -> Hatikvah -> The Beltless Buckler

Set 2: Jam -> Foam, You Enjoy Myself > Mike's Song > Freedom of Choice > Mike's Song

Encore: Passin' Me By

Notes: "Hoe-Down" contained a "Shortnin' Bread" tease. "Theme" contained "Foam and "YEM" teases. "Beltless Buckler" contained teases of "Carol of the Bells" and The Godfather Love Theme. The Jam that opened the second set contained "Lengthwise" and "Hoe-Down" teases and the ensuing "Foam" included teases of "Gin" and Magilla." "Mike's Song" contained a "Foam" tease.

Musicians: Mike Gordon, Marco Benevento, Joe Russo

mattbillionaire , attached to 2005-12-27 Permalink
mattbillionaire It's been nearly 10 years since I caught this show, but it still sticks out as one of the most exciting shows I've seen from any band. I was really into the Duo in the early and mid 2000s, and the addition of Gordo had me excited to the point of feeling like I was setting my expectations too high.

I really didn't expect much Phish outside of one two songs and some teases. That really wasn't the reason I got my ticket though. I just wanted to see what the three of them could do together. This show did not disappoint, I was smiling ear to ear the whole time.

The 1st set delivered exactly what I expected. Lots of Duo tunes, loose, dirty jams, and a splash of Phish. The biggest surprise for me was White Freightliner Blues. I just love that song.

Then set 2 started. Jam->Foam, YEM>Mikes is jaw-dropping on paper, but the the real treat is the way Marco covers both the key and guitar parts in intricate compositions while making them distinctly his own. The jams go nice and deep too.

Those high expectations that I was worried about? They exceeded them by a long shot.

The recording holds up really well. It's worth your time to seek this show out over on Archive. In fact, I think I'll spin it now.
Score: 2

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