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Link Pork Tornado, Friday, 04/02/1999
Pickle Barrel Pub, Killington, VT

Notes: There is no known setlist for this show and recordings do not circulate.

Musicians: Jon Fishman, Dan Archer, Aaron Hersey, Joe Moore, Phil Abair

Jimmymac03 , attached to 1999-04-02 Permalink
Jimmymac03 This was a wonderful night! I actually taped this show and still have the original tapes in my Dad's basement. Now I need to to fly to VT and find them.

This was a killer show though. The one thing that has stuck in my mind is Joe Moore rolling around the stage rubbing himself and screaming into the mic during a rousing rendition of "Touch Myself."

Really need to find those tapes ;) Anyone in VT want to go dig around?
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Jimmymac03 , attached to 1999-04-02 Permalink
Jimmymac03 ^ this comment should have been under Pork Tornado's show at the Pickle Barrel on 3/30/00. The mind gets a bit hazy, you know :)
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