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Link Jazz Mandolin Project, Saturday, 04/24/2010
American Legion Hall, Belfast, ME

Set 1: Flux, The Phoenicians, Hamhock, Dark Eyes, The Baobab Tree, Swing Gitan, Blues in the Closet[1], Compared to What?[2]

[1] Grant Green, Jr. on guitar.
[2] Grant Green, Jr. on guitar and Col. Bruce Hampton on vocals.

Notes: This performance was part of the Belfast Free Range Music Festival. Grant Green, Jr. sat in on guitar for "Blues in the Closet" and "Compared to What?" Col. Bruce Hampton added vocals on "Compared to What?"

Musicians: Jon Fishman, Peter Apfelbaum, Jamie Masefield, Scott Ritchie, Col. Bruce Hampton (Guest), Grant Green, Jr. (Guest)


Link Yonder Mountain String Band, Saturday, 10/09/2010
1stBank Center, Broomfield, CO

Set 1: Too Late Now, 40 Miles from Denver, Mental Breakdown, Mother's Only Son, Pockets[1], Steep Grade Sharp Curves[1], Fingerprint[1], Catch a Criminal[1], Girlfriend is Better[1], Two Hits and the Joint Turned Brown[1]

[1] With Fish.

Notes: This show was a benefit for victims of the Fourmile Canyon Fire that also featured a Trey and Mike setLeftover Salmon (with a guest appearance by Page), Big Head Todd and The Monsters and String Cheese Incident (with Trey). Fish sat in with Yonder Mountain String Band beginning with Pockets" though the end of the show. "Two Hits" contained "Makisupa Policeman" quotes.

Musicians: Dave Johnston, Jeff Austin, Ben Kaufmann, Adam Aijala, Jon Fishman (Guest)


Link Mike Gordon, Friday, 11/26/2010
Port City Music Hall, Portland, ME

Set 1: I'm Deranged, Andelmans' Yard, Rhymes, Horizon Line, Easy To Slip[1] > The Walls of Time[2], The Void[2], Sugar Shack[2], Cities[2], Traveled Too Far[2] > Sound[2]

Set 2: What Things Seem[2], Nobody's Home[2], Revelator[2] > The Grid[2] > Makisupa Policeman[2] > Susskind Hotel[2] > 15 Step[2] > Susskind Hotel[2]

Encore: Alphabet Street[2]

[1] Jon Fishman on second drum kit. Mike Gordon debut.
[2] Jon Fishman on second drum kit.

Notes: "Easy to Slip" (Little Feat) was a Mike Gordon debut. Jon Fishman sat in on a second drum kit from "Easy to Slip" through the end of the show. "Makisupa Policeman" contained quotes of  "Swingtown." This show was made available as a LivePhish download.

Musicians: Mike Gordon, Scott Murawski, Craig Myers, Tom Cleary, Todd Isler, Jon Fishman (Guest)

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