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Link Jazz Mandolin Project, Saturday, 02/19/2000
Smith Opera House, Geneva, NY

Set 1: Double Agent, Dromedary, Shaker Hill, Milestones, Mandoneon, Xenoblast

Set 2: Black Market > Full House, Oh Yeah!, The Phoenicians[1], The Milliken Way

Encore: Stockholm Smokepipe

[1] A belly dancer was on stage to celebrate Fish’s 35th birthday.

Notes: “The Phoenicians” featured a belly dancer on stage to celebrate Fish’s 35th birthday.

Musicians: Jon Fishman, Jamie Masefield, Danton Boller


Link Col. Bruce Hampton & the Fiji Mariners, Saturday, 02/26/2000
The Brandy House, Atlanta, GA

Set 1: Nash[1], Turn On Your Love Light[1] > Time is Free[1]

[1] With Fish.

Notes: Fish sat in for the above-listed songs with Col. Bruce Hampton and the Fiji Mariners. 

Musicians: Col. Bruce Hampton, Jon Fishman (Guest)


Link Project Logic, Sunday, 05/07/2000
Tipitina's Uptown, New Orleans, LA

Notes: Fish sat in on drums for this gig that also included Fuzz and Rob Somerville from Deep Banana Blackout, John Medeski on keyboards, and Warren Haynes on guitar. The setlist consisted of mostly improvised music.

Musicians: DJ Logic, Jon Fishman (Guest), John Medeski (Guest), Warren Haynes (Guest)


Link Galactic, Sunday, 05/07/2000
Cajun Queen Riverboat, New Orleans, LA

Set 1: Layin' in the Cut[1]

[1] With Fish.

Notes: Fish sat in with Galactic for "Layin' in the Cut."

Musicians: Stanton Moore, Jon Fishman (Guest)


Link Late Night Jam Session, Monday, 07/10/2000
Private Home, Indianapolis, IN

Notes: Trey’s brother-in-law Kevin hosted a private party after that evening’s Phish show at Deer Creek. Mike played guitar for about an hour, while Fish jammed on drums until sunrise.

Musicians: Jon Fishman, Mike Gordon


Link Grippo Funk Band, Monday, 10/23/2000
Red Square, Burlington, VT

Set 1: The Chicken, Roll Call, Hip Hop 101

Notes: This lineup included Aaron Hersey on Bass, Dave Diamond on guitar, James Harvey on trombone, Bruce Sklar on keyboards, Kenny “Sweet Sugar G” on drums, Dave Grippo on saxophone, as well as MCs Reko “the mighty konflik” and Fattie B on turntables. Fish sat in on drums for the three songs listed above during the show’s third set.

Musicians: Dave Grippo, James Harvey, Aaron Hersey, Bruce Sklar, Dave Diamond, Jon Fishman (Guest)


Link Jazz Mandolin Project, Saturday, 11/04/2000
Higher Ground, Winooski, VT

Set 1: Nimbus, Dromedary, Billy's Bounce, Spiders, The Milliken Way, Xenoblast

Set 2: The Gourd, Ballad for Trio, The Phoenicians[1], Milestones, Oh Yeah![1]

Encore: Stockholm Smokepipe

[1] With Fish.

Notes: Fish played the "dumbek" on this forty-five minute version of “The Phoenicians,” as well as drums on “Oh Yeah!”

Musicians: Jamie Masefield, Danton Boller, Greg Gonzales, Jon Fishman (Guest)


Link Grippo Funk Band, Friday, 12/01/2000
Club Metronome, Burlington, VT

Set 1: I Wish, I Got That Feeling, Hip Hop 101

Notes: Fish sat in on drums for all three sets, replacing regular drummer Kenny "Sweet Sugar G" Goldfield. Although the complete setlist is not known, the songs above were played at some point during the show.

Musicians: Dave Grippo, Aaron Hersey, Bruce Sklar, Jon Fishman (Guest)


Link The Dude of Life, Sunday, 12/03/2000
Unknown Venue, New Rochelle, NY

Set 1: Beware of the Dog[1], Come On Up to My Room[1]

[1] With Trey and Fish.

Notes: Trey and Fish joined the Dude of Life for performances of “Beware of the Dog” and “Come On Up to My Room” during the Dude’s wedding reception.

Musicians: Steve Pollak ("The Dude of Life"), Trey Anastasio (Guest), Jon Fishman (Guest)


Link Medeski, Martin & Wood, Friday, 12/15/2000
The Odeon, Cleveland, OH

Set 1: We Are Rolling, Hey-Hee-Hi-Ho > Shacklyn Knights, , Big Time, Just Like I Pictured It

Set 2: Felic[1] > Partido Alto[1], Note Bleu, Dracula > Blue Pepper > Third Stone From the Sun, Chubb Sub

Encore: Bubblehouse

[1] With Fish.

Notes: Fish sat in playing a variety of percussion instruments on “Felic” and “Partido Alto.”

Musicians: Billy Martin, Chris Wood, John Medeski, Jon Fishman (Guest)

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