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Link Jazz Mandolin Project, Thursday, 01/29/1998
The Georgia Theatre, Athens, GA

Set 1: Chapeau, Tuang Guru, Contois, Good and Plenty, The Country Open

Set 2: Flux, Ballad for Trio, Clip, Fixin' to Die[1], Barber's Hint, Boodha, Stockholm Smokepipe

Encore: Nimbus

[1] With Col. Bruce Hampton

Notes: Col. Bruce Hampton sat in on "Fixin' to Die."

Musicians: Jon Fishman, Jamie Masefield, Chris Dahlgren, Col. Bruce Hampton (Guest)


Link Béla Fleck and The Flecktones, Saturday, 02/14/1998
The Flynn Theatre, Burlington, VT

Notes: Mike and Fish joined the Flecktones for their encore. Mike and Victor Wooten engaged in a bass duet. Fish also hammed it up on a percussion machine, and everyone else stopped to let him jam. No additional setlist details are known and recordings do not circulate.

Musicians: Bela Fleck, Jeff Coffin, Victor Wooten, Roy "Future Man" Wooten, Jon Fishman (Guest), Mike Gordon (Guest)


Link 8 Foot Fluorescent Tubes, Friday, 04/17/1998
Higher Ground, Winooski, VT

Set 1: First Tube[1], Sand[1], Mozambique[1], Mr. Meat Man, Naturally To Blame > Wighat, Silicone Fairy[1], Last Tube[1] > Higher Ground

Set 2: Tore Up, Magilla, Sunny, Stir It Up, Crossroads, Come On (Part One), Soul Power Jam > Pass the Peas, Drums

[1] Debut.

Notes: This performance included costumed dancers, theatrics that included people being hoisted by cables, artists displaying various props (including Mike Gordon placing cactus props on stage), and innovative lighting that featured large fluorescent tubes. The second set was a looser jam session and included guest appearances from Dave Grippo on saxophones, James Harvey on trombone, Bobby Hackney on vocals, and Fish on drums. This show marked the debut of “First Tube,” “Sand,” “Mozambique,” and “Last Tube.” While not billed as a Trey Anastasio performance, with Russ and Tony it represents the public debut of the core TAB touring ensemble.  

Musicians: Trey Anastasio, Jon Fishman, Dave Grippo, James Harvey, Heloise Williams, Russ Lawton, Tony Markellis, Tom Lawson


Link J. Willis Pratt and Weird Bionic, Sunday, 04/19/1998
Club Toast, Burlington, VT

Notes: Fish sat in on drums for a portion of the second set. The setlist for this show is unknown and recordings do not circulate.

Musicians: J. Willis Pratt, Jon Fishman (Guest)


Link Dark Star Orchestra, Tuesday, 11/10/1998
Martyrs', Chicago, IL

Set 1: Wang Dang Doodle > My Brother Esau, Peggy-O, Little Red Rooster, Brown Eyed Women, Lost Sailor > Saint of Circumstance > Deal

Set 2: Help on the Way > Slipknot! > Franklin’s Tower, Estimated Prophet[1] > Eyes of the World[1] > Drums[1] > St. Stephen[1] > Throwing Stones[1] > Not Fade Away[1]

Encore: Revolution 1[1], Blow Away[1], Terrapin Station[1], Playing in the Band[1]

[1] Fish on a second drum kit.

Notes: This show was a reprise of the Grateful Dead’s performance on October 31, 1983. Fish sat in on a second drum set from “Estimated Prophet” through the end of the show. 

Musicians: Jon Fishman (Guest)


Link Big Frog, Friday, 12/04/1998
Shinjuku Loft, Kabuki-Cho, Tokyo, Japan

Notes: While vacationing in Japan, Fish sat in with Big Frog for an undetermined number of songs. There is no known setlist or circulating recording.

Musicians: Jon Fishman (Guest)

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